1. alexdagrate says:

    I liked it, but it wasn’t cranky enough. I think you were holding back, John!

    Watch the SNL gameshow sketch with Garth Brooks and Robert Duvall “Who’s More Grizzled?!”

  2. Jean DuNord says:

    Like watching radio

  3. Puttanun says:

    I like the show, but graphically it’s quite sad. Pretty much everything is wrong, from the logo to the font used for the credits.
    Even John’s clothes are sad.

    Beside the visual, I’m glad that John is doing this.

    Crank it up!

  4. Phronk says:

    I started watching, but the lip syncing was off. It made me cranky so I stopped watching. Better luck next time.

  5. Phronk says:

    Ahah, those links worked much better. Thanks!

    I never knew what John looked like before. Now I can put a face to the voice when listening to TWIT (or whatever).

    I pictured him balder.

  6. Donald says:

    Finally, something worth watching.

  7. BB says:

    Nice job. Agree that it wasn’t too cranky — though you had the edge over the rest of the panel on that front.

  8. Rick says:

    “…a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes”

    I loved that…how much longer until “the kids” won’t know what the hell that means. My son was explaining “Wake Up Little Suzy” to his sister…and said, “they were watching a video and fell asleep”…and it cracked me up…so I asked my daughter if she’d ever dialed a phone…and she said, “yeah! of course! All you have to do is push the buttons. How hard is that”

    I was amazed.

  9. Scott says:

    hmm.. Ipod videos rock.. they are excellent for just having movies, tv shows, etc for on the go… coming from a teen that has one, I love it..

    Many teens now can download “funny videos” or movies, and watch it whike waiting for things like the bus, plane, meeting, etc.

  10. Dan Collins says:

    I always enjoyed your show on tech tv and I will watch this.When you had Dr.Dre on your old show I learned more about digital music in 30 minutes than I have learned since.Have more big shots on it was always fun to watch them sweat.Less crank and more information.

  11. Zuke says:


    Yeah!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this ever since those fools at the old TechTV/ZDTV cancelled your old show. Love it! Hope you keep with it!

  12. gquaglia says:

    Reminded me of silicon spin. Always liked that show. Hope you make some more of these. This type of show is what made ZDTV and tech tv great before it merged with G4 and became completely horrible

  13. iglowat says:

    I liked it, but then I’m a Nationalist/conservative/techno nerd. It’s cool to hear some of the industry talk.

    I wasn’t aware that Dvorak and his friends were so old. I didn’t understand their political beliefs, but after see them it’s just 50’s/60’s garbage that got this country into the mess it’s in now. Really Dvorak is really old looking, like grandpa old. Whatever, with people as old and crusty as him against outsourcing, I can see it’s not going to end but continue and grow. I actually think he’s older looking than King George Bush.

  14. sario777 says:

    Good show. Always enjoyed you on TWiT and missed you this week. Keep up the good work and I look forward to downloading this as a podcast.


  15. Tod White says:

    What can I say…
    Ya got the PERFECT face for Radio
    and a great voice for silent movies …

    and I have the attention span of a….. oh, LOOK! A puppy!

  16. John, please scrap the cranky geeks gig and do a dvorak comedy hour.

  17. David says:

    Good show! A great group of guests and a thought-provoking topic. Gotta lose the name and polka music, though.

  18. Richard L says:

    What was cranky about it? Also two things, you got the SGI style of parallelism (OpenMP) a bit wrong. It is not running two applications or two OS on each core, but having one application running on both cores. Say you have a CPU intensive Photoshop image thing you need to do, the way to use the dual core, would be to have each core work on 1 half of the image each. That type of thing application maker would be working on to take adventage of the multicores.

    For the miniature projector, you guys are lacking vision. This could be the first step to portable computing. If this thing coud get some resonable resolution, the portable screen would be a cylinder to contain a rollout 20″-24″in screen, rollout a keyboard too, connect the miniature projetor and you good to go. The whole thing could fit in some sort of cane 🙂

  19. Will there be a way to find this other than via the blog? I’d like to be able to link to it from my own (small but growing) podcast audience. if anyone knows how please email me at almostliveradio at gmail dot com, or thourh almost live radio dot com.

  20. andrewj says:

    Two thumbs way up!

  21. Monty says:

    Like the show.

    FYI .. The reason video sales from the iTunes store are so high are from people like me who pay $2 to quickly catch a show on TV we might have missed. We watch it on our computer, not on the iPod. I have never watched a video on our iPod Video (why would you? The screen is ridiculously small for that.) But, the iTunes video store concept is a winner because watching a TV show on a computer works just fine. (They need to improve the video quality, though.)

  22. Rand al'Thor says:

    I am watching this now.

    It seems like a calmer version of TWiT (and a more controlled version; everyone is sticking to the topic at hand, instead of going off on whatever random tangent that comes up).

    I like this, so far.

  23. JeeBs says:


    I want my –
    I want my –
    I want my Cranky Geeks!

    Enjoyed 1×01, looking forward to 1×02!


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