Skeptical Inquirer magazine:

As the producer responsible for bringing Cosmonova’s* latest public planetarium show, “UFO-The Truth is Here,” to reality, I knew that one aspect of the UFO phenomenon that would be important to cover would be that of fake photographs. Ever since so-called flying saucers were first spotted in the 1940s, a variety of people around the world have created fake images that they claimed were authentic. The vast majority of these images have been exposed as the frauds they are. And yet even today there are those who continue this peculiar hobby. Rather than feature such photos as part of the program, I thought that the best example for our audiences would be to provide examples that were made specifically for the show.

An old but interesting read for a slow Sunday.

  1. Gregory says:

    That is some of the worst photo-compositing I’ve seen outside Fark and Worth1000

    It’s not just that they look fake, its that they don’t even look like good fakes, they look like really bad fakes.

  2. site admin says:

    Has anyone ever done a good UFO fake, ever?

  3. rus62 says:

    “NASA faked all those trips to the moon. ” Yes, and now NASA is thinking about going to the dark side of the moon. Too bad Pink Floyd beat them to it.

  4. Mr. Fusion says:

    Has anyone ever done a good UFO fake, ever?

    Is that why the National Enquirer wouldn’t buy my photographs of the mysterious flying objects. They were blurry because the suckers moved fast.

  5. neozeed says:

    slow sunday? did you miss the civil war?

  6. Gregory says:

    Yes people have done good fakes, or at least much better fakes than those.

    There is so much wrong with them I don’t know where to start…

  7. Dan dD says:

    Those are indeed terrible attempts, the lightning doesn’t match on any photo. Amateur indeed.

  8. Dan dD says:

    Sorry, read lightning as ‘lighting’ in above post

  9. Don says:

    As bad as everybody says they look , they still look as good as any UFO photos I’ve seen.


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