Last week Forbes ripped into Microsoft for the delay of Vista, now the New York Times is taking its turn…

The company’s marathon effort to come up with the a new version of its desktop operating system, called Windows Vista, has repeatedly stalled.

In those five years, Apple Computer has turned out four new versions of its Macintosh operating system, beating Microsoft to market with features that will be in Vista, like desktop search, advanced 3-D graphics and “widgets,” an array of small, single-purpose programs like news tickers, traffic reports and weather maps.

And things are so bad at Microsoft that even employees are calling for Ballmer to be fired.

Microsoft employees are arguing among themselves over who is to blame for the delay in the launch of Windows Vista. One disgruntled insider named Who da’Punk voiced his feelings in a blog posting under the heading ‘Vista 2007. Fire the leadership now!’.

The diatribe set off a lot of feeling amongst Microsoft employees with several demanding that Ballmer should head the list of people who should be fired from the company. One remarked: ‘Being a 10+ year vet I feel ashamed and sad. This company is a mess on so many levels’.

  1. ECA says:

    WHAT market??
    BEFORE, win 95, and NT (?) whatever…servers were running about 6 other OS’s, that were STABLE…
    Unix and Linux have held on, and STILL take about 20-30% of THAT market.
    I think 6 COUNTRIES, have DROPPED Windows, Germany, india, among them, becuase it keeps COSTING more and more and more, to keep it SAFE and updated.
    Compare FREe with $10,000 corp rate…
    As a GAme machine, Windows has DUMPED making a port so that Linux based games can run under DX sence version 8.1..
    As an Office machine, there are BETTER, was BETTER, and will ALWAYS be better software out on the market for OTHER OS’s.. And most groups dont need anything better then a C64 to write letters or make spread sheets(mutiplan was great)..
    Why do we or companies need MORE then we use on a system.. Most home systems are used for gaming and the internet, and business systems have LITTLE need for high res graphics for GAMES. typing, spreadsheets, a calendar, and few other programs are really needed and maybe a small presentation software..

    PS, you REALLy like games? Go to Europe or Japan, with their 10 times more releases in those areas.

  2. Tetsuo says:

    ECA – first, learn to type. Please. Second, learn to think – Europe does NOT have 10x more releases game-wise, and that’s common knowledge. Third, writing words ALL IN CAPS for NO apparent REASON other than TO be a TWAT is ANnoyING sO pLeAsE STOP doing IT.

    Basically, to sum up:



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