Here’s a screen capture from 60 Minutes that says it all about our modern society. Yes, that’s a Blackberry.

  1. Firestarter says:

    Was that the fiscal year? It’s only 3 months in and already we have nothing left to look forward to in the way of pictures. This is as good as it gets.

  2. chris says:

    That doesn’t mean anything. My son picks up my cell phone all the time, he’s almost 2, doesn’t mean he knows what it does. that little girl is probably a year old.
    (yeah i didn’t watch the story, so she could REALLY be typing up emails)

  3. Jim says:

    My son had managed to dial 911 three times before he was three. The nice ploice man would always visit us after.

  4. James Hill says:

    I watched the story, and continue to laugh at people who feel a need to be “plugged in” 24/7.

    The people in the story have one thing in common: They’re control freaks. They don’t know how to stay on top of their job without always being in communication.

    What I’ve found is that these people tend to be the worst to work with, because they expect you to work at the same aimless rate they do.

  5. Nadia says:

    Hey guys! We all supose the girl in the picture isn’t in fact doing anything but play with the Blackberry. It still is a cute photo that kind of “pictures” modern times, even if she can`t actually use the blackberry!

  6. Lou says:

    Uh, I believe the proper term to use is African American Berry.

  7. garym says:

    Has anyone noticed that BlackBerrys are actually a shade of blue with silver accents?

  8. Suzie says:

    How adorable is that!!! She’s watching Cranky Geeks!! 😉

  9. Hemaworstje says:

    darn little..

  10. Hey Mac says:

    ” Let’s see… 5.7 0z of urine, 2 0z of feces average per diaper times 10 diaper per day times 365 days… I should put that figure in memory for now… where’s those pulverization and extraction costs… ah here they are… now with accelerated composting, plastic separation… what is the current kwh rate projection?… hmmm ah there it is… oh hey, there’s the email from National Composter I’ve been waiting for… It’s a pain not being able to talk to them. I wish the speech thing would hurry up and kick in…. at this rate i’ll be 5 before this gets to market….”

  11. Bling Bling says:

    Comment # 10 is cool.
    Comment #4 by James Hill – You hit the nail on the head – no ifs buts …
    I once worked for one of those idiots – who thought he was very sharp and wanted everyone else to think of him likewise. Well there were others who figured it out and made the idiot think he was really really smart.

    Totally useless human waste – who messed up other people lives. His sole purpose was having updates for his boss – whose (Boss) only role in this world was to have updates for his boss (Big Boss)….So three levels of coporate ladder just supplying information good bad and all in between with an addition or deleation of “salt & Pepper” at each point. Go figure.

  12. Stephen Javna says:

    It’s not just Blackberries. There are other game playing handhelds for all ages. And as though by magic, no sooner does the flight attendant announce that “it is now safe to resume use of electronic devices”, than the cellphones come out and are put to instant use, and remain in loud use as passengers disembark and make their ways to their next destination. Wow!!

  13. Wes Wade says:

    Darned Google Search! No babybonics!!! I’ll be glad when I learn to read, write, spell, and do the doodie in the toilet… Mommie and Daddy leave me with that mean woman all day for this?!?

  14. Ron says:

    technology is cool, but this idea of constantly being “Plugged in” is quickly getting to the point of ridiculousness. Also, where did this idea that companies expect a person to be available for work nearly 24/7?

  15. Jim Ball says:

    As Dylan once said,: “Your old road is rapidly aging. Get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand, oh the times they are a-changin’.” The times have a-changed. The 21st century has been here for 6 years. You can stop kicking and screaming now. Those that play on their Crackberrys 24/7 are the same ones that in the past stayed at the office until 10 PM slaving over their typewriters and land lines. They will always walk among us. They work 70+ hours a week so I don’t have to. I say live and let live, but rephrase it a bit to “Work and let me relax.”
    Sent from my Blackberry.
    Not really.

  16. gary says:

    my son used to be a motorola commercial. before he could walk, he would take my cell phone and use it as a skid and slide around the house with it and then pretend to make a call on it. gotta say, it never broke…

  17. Rod says:

    I think its silly to be called a clown for using a tool that lets me communicate more efficiently.

    And why does using a Blackberry equate to being proud of 70 hour work weeks?

    I’ve found that my Blackberry actually lets me do _more_ with my friends and family because I can stay in touch more easily with what’s happening at work.

  18. ken says:

    Here is why blackberry is saving time. Employees that are chained to their desks can work on their commute home. It get’s people out of the office.

    The home office has become mobile because wireless laptops, yet you insist that the freedom to be more mobile in the workplace suddenly draws you to work more?

    Mostly they’ve just detethered communications. Which, while an important part of office jobs, isn’t peoples job. I’m certainly happy to catch up with my email on the commute and be able to start work without the twenty minute catching up.

  19. deenie says:

    over reactions – typical of thinking long and wrong. it’s just a child who learning motor skills. move on!!


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