I came across a column in the Ashland Daily Tidings about a legend in Japan that Jesus lived part of his adulthood there, returned to Jerusalem, had his brother die on the cross for him, then returned to live out his life in Japan. Allegedly he’s buried in the Aomori Prefecture area of Japan.

The legend fills in the 18-year gap the Bible leaves in Christ’s life. At age 12, he is confounding the priests in the temple with his knowledge. Then he disappears until age 30, when he begins his ministry. The legend says that Jesus came to Japan at age 21 to study Oriental philosophy and theology. After a decade, he returns to Jerusalem and begins to teach and heal the people of Israel. His ministry brings him into conflict with both the Roman and Jewish authorities. He is arrested, tried and sentenced to death. But, because of mistaken identity, his brother is the man crucified by the Romans.

Christ settled in an isolated valley in northern Honshu, far away from the powerful Shogun in Edo (Tokyo). He first came to Japan about 25 B.C., during the reign of Emperor Suinin. He had lived and studied in Toyama Prefecture, west of the capital city, and knew first hand the brutal power exercised by the Shogunate. He found tranquillity and safety in the remote valley.

Intrigued, I searched for more information and came across this interesting tidbit…

Takeogokoro also taught Jesus ancient Japanese magic tricks and several accounts list these tricks as being able to conceal yourself, to jump high into a tree and to throw a bamboo pole into water and walk on it. The Shinto priest, pleased with Jesus, gave him an ancient sword, bid him farewell and sent him to see the emperor.

  1. I don't think so says:

    Yeah, actually if you gave a shit about Japanese history you’d know that shoguns didn’t exist until the twelfth century. Edo Wasn’t the capital until 1600. If you’re going up a story about Jesus, make sure the plot is continuous!!1!1