Six young members of the Ravenna High School Art Club decided to construct 17 boxes, made to resemble the “question boxes” from Super Mario Bros. video games. They placed these all around town, essentially turning Ravenna into a real-life level of the Mushroom Kingdom. The girls followed the online instructions of a street artist known as Posterchild. Posterchild first used the blocks as a statement against corporate advertising in public places. Since his site went up, several other artistic factions have taken up his cause. Mystery blocks have appeared in Portland, Maine, and on the campus of Harvard University. In Ravenna, however, the blocks were misinterpreted as a terrorist plot to blow up the city. (more)

The mentioned directions given by the internet artist Posterchild can be found here.

  1. Luís Camacho says:

    LOLOLOLOL! Teh t3rroists! LOL

  2. Todd says:

    well what seems really ridiculous about this story are these things: 1) why would terrorists try to blow up this town? is it special? and 2) wouldn’t a terrorist hide bombs in something that is a little more discrete? i mean these are large flashy boxes. whenever i see boxes with question marks i don’t think of bombs and terrorists. i think of a video game. people are getting too worked up over these things. the terrorists may not have won just yet, but this takes them a step closer.

  3. My take on this is that some americans are so frightened of terrorism that they can’t live their ordinary lives anymore, which means that terrorism has won, because that’s it’s objective. There’s no need of more terrorist attacks, people aren’t able to live their normal lives anymore, and it’s all their fault.

  4. Eric Phillips says:

    I went on to read that article and linked ones. Now they are off the hook (good!), but the investigator did say, “`I do not believe that they had any bad or malicious intentions . . . [they] were not thinking about the consequences of their actions in this day and age,” he said.

    Is this the “everything changed on September 11th” defense again used to cover up stupidity? I think I’ll use this with my wife: “Sorry I left the toilet seat up… but, you know, everthing thing changed on September 11th.” “I wasn’t sleeping with her… I thought she might be hiding an IED in that bed. Turned out to be an IUD. But I had to do it because everythign changed on 9/11.”

  5. Mr. Fusion says:

    My kid explained it all to me. You see, (this is the way she told me) the Riddler is up to his old tricks. He must have busted out of Ravenna Penitentiary and Donut Shop. He is leaving these joke boxes around the metropolis of Ravenna. Batman is busy in Gotham City rounding up the Joker and all his henchmen. The local constabulary had to do the best they could while waiting for Batman.

    Oh how we miss the Boy Wonder, Robin. AIDs can be so devastating.

  6. dfa says:

    ROFLOLZ!!!!! Im teh t3rr0r1st!!!


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