The man accused of killing a 10-year-old neighbor girl for an elaborate plan to eat human flesh joked about cannibalism on his online diary, discussed the effects of not taking his anti-depression medication and mentioned “dangerously weird” fantasies.

All he wanted in life, Kevin Ray Underwood wrote in his blog, was “to be able to live like a normal person.”

People who knew Underwood described him Sunday as a quiet, “boring” and seemingly trustworthy young man.

The really grotty bits are on the next page. Fair warning. You can skip them.

Purcell Police Chief David Tompkins said Saturday, “this appears to have been part of a plan to kidnap a person, rape them, torture them, kill them, cut off their head, drain the body of blood, rape the corpse, eat the corpse then dispose of the organs and bones.” Investigators found meat tenderizer and barbecue skewers that he planned to use on the body.

On his blog, an online diary that he had kept since September 2002, Underwood described himself as “single, bored, and lonely, but other than that, pretty happy.”

He mentions cannibalism, asking “If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?” and responding: “The skin of last night’s main course.”

He wrote that he rarely left his apartment for long stretches, except to go to work and to buy food. “I just sit here at the computer every minute of the day, when I’m not at work. A week or so ago, I spent my day off sitting here at the computer, barely moving from the chair, for 14 hours.”

In September 2004, he wrote that his depression deepened after several months without taking the medication Lexapro, an antidepressant also used in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

“For example, my fantasies are just getting weirder and weirder. Dangerously weird,” he wrote. “If people knew the kinds of things I think about anymore, I’d probably be locked away. No probably about it, I know I would be.”

Sound like anyone you work with?

  1. Ben D says:

    I Heard About this on Neil Cicierega’s Blog. He found it creepy that this guy had links to his stuff on his links page.

  2. Paul Howard says:

    Surely the FBI searches for postings like this on blogs? Or are they too busy listening to private phone calls?

  3. axe says:

    An Aunt of the victim just spoke on TV. She stated her body was totally intact. She wanted to dispell rumors other than the fact. I guess you’ll here/see it more on TV. You may want to update the facts on this as time goes by.

    Yes, this person is sick and it is documented he has admitted to the crime and if convicted he deserves the death penalty. I don’t believe mental defect or whatever is an excuse to keep this person alive…if convicted of course.

    I know some of you don’t believe in the death penalty but I can’t justify a reason not to if he is convicted of the crime.

  4. Me says:

    Too bad non of these wingnuts ever tries self-cannibalism…

  5. site admin says:


  6. Eideard says:

    John — 3rd block quote from the top — paragraph starts “On his blog” — HIS BLOG is the link.

  7. Eideard says:

    Paul — you raise a classic issue — one I first confronted [age, again] in Bill Mauldin’s first collection of cartoons after WW2. It showed a vet and his wife looking through the morning paper — with dozens of garish headlines about “Veteran kills wife”, “Veteran steals car”, etc. — and she says something like, “look, dear — here’s a small article on page 8 about an axe murder that WASN’T committed by a veteran!” Of course, a significant portion of the population was vets. I guess journalists think “everyone” is a blogger.

    In this instance, the quick and easy answer is — he worked at being a blogger for a lot longer than he did at being a cannibal. That is about three-and-a-half years — the blogging, that is.

    I went back through his archives to the earliest posts and there’s a section where he talks to himself about talking to himself!

    I didn’t even try to get into him being a compulsive gamer.

  8. James says:

    I know that this sounds wrong or wierd to most people, but I think that this shows the real essence of blogging. He said everything about his life that he wanted to and held nothing back. This is what I like about blogs, I like to read the deepest thoughts from people who are not afraid to share them. Granted I am happy that he didn’t kill and eat anyone.

  9. gquaglia says:

    If he doesn’t get the death penalty, I don’t give this guy 1 year in the can before someone shanks him dead. Cons don’t like child rapists and killers and they really don’t like geeky white guys who want to eat them.

  10. joshua says:

    #9…james….he DID kill her, then raped her…..he just didn’t get around to eating her.

    Is there like a section of blog world for weird bloggers? Most of the blogs(non-professional) are boring as hell.

  11. tom says:

    hmm, looks like a victim of society to me. kill him dead, we can’t have killers in society.

  12. James says:

    Yeah you are right, I am an idiot. No there isn’t a wierd place for wierd bloggers but I do come across them here and there and they are really interesting.

  13. Pete says:

    Want to bet that some self-righteous know-nothing is going to come out with a headline along the lines of “Blogging turns you into a serial killer!” fairly soon? They’ll probably take the opportunity to remind everyone that violent video games turn kids into machine-gun toting zombies while they’re at it…

  14. John Wofford says:

    I watched a talking head bimbo on TV the other night saying we should track down these “Whackos” and “Sickos” and lock them away before they do bad things. My question is, how does one define a “whacko” or a “sicko”? The creep that killed that kid lived quietly alone, people termed him “boring”. I live alone, mainly because my guitar playing would drive anyone insane, and while I ain’t exactly normal my idiosyncrasies are, for the most part, benign. Next thing you know the damned peasants will light up a bunch of torches, surround the shanty and burn me out ’cause I ain’t exactly “right”. Bummer.


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