3.5-in. 750-GB drive

Said to be the first desktop hard-disk drives to reach 750 Gbytes capacity, the Barracuda 7200.10 hard-disk drives meet the growing demand for storage capacity and reliability in desktop computers and low-end servers. Perpendicular recording methods yield an a real density of 130 Gbits/in.2—increasing drive throughput without increasing spin speed.

Just as a rising tide raises all boats, the best part will come when we see the new crop of devices that will be made from this. (Not to mention the storage gains in the microdrive area when they implement perpendicular recording technology.)

  1. Angel H. Wong says:

    That means that I can have all the pirate PS2 games in one HD!

  2. dave says:

    Just a warning, one of the on-line test sites (cant find it off-hand) and user reviews at Amazon seem to indicate that the new large capacity drives (> 200MB) are very unreliable and fail often.

    There is intense competition to “bring out the larger numbers before competitors”. Maybe the high prices for this cutting edge (many have same components as smaller drives) pay for repeated replacements.


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