The 145 girl: How does showing this pic going to dissuade students from smoking dope?

Farrand Field 4-20-2006 — Welcome to Facist Colorado. The University recently sent a photographer over to some dope smoking event and took a lot of pictures. Now they want to bust the kids after the fact. Why didn’t these weenies do it during the event?

The University is offering a reward for the identification of any of the individuals pictured below. After reviewing the photos (click on a photo for a larger image), you may claim the reward by following the directions below:

  1. site admin says:

    So you do not buy the notion of Islamo-fascism? OK

  2. david says:

    That kind of intrusiveness against our own citizens for smoking pot is utterly ridiculous….all this surveillance crap was supposed to catch terrorists…dont you all remember that s why you voted it in in the first place? I sure as hell didnt because i know what a trojan horse this technology really is. Another thing is what kind of kangaroo court will mere pictures work in? How do they know it wasnt tobacco like someone else mentioned. Colorado is another example of a state turning against its own citizens to make money off of petty offenses. Lets just have every citizen buy thier own government surveillance camera and put in in our arses…will that appease you security freaks? I bet it would….Viva La Revolution!

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    Islamo-fascism Is this a new word or did I miss something in the dictionary?

    Paul, I agree with your comments about using the words fascist and nazi.

  4. Patrick says:

    Let them go!!! The people in these pictures are hard working college students who like a little grass. Some will grow out of it, others won’t. The point is; they aren’t hurting anything by peacefully congregating to take part in a shared intrest. Yes, marijuana is illegal, and therefore “socially unacceptable”. Really though, people on marijuana are more coherrent, and less violent than those on alcohol. It’s good to see America’s youth standing for something, even if there are other world wide issues that need to be addressed. ALWAYS QUESTION AUTHORITY!!!

  5. 20more says:

    Given that they are charging these people with trespassing, isn’t it odd that they took pictures only of people smoking, and none of the people without smoking materials visible?

  6. Derek says:

    I was there! The fact that only 200 pictures were taken is amazing. I could have done that in the 15 minutes I was there. There were thousands. In any event, this is ridiculus.

    Here’s to legalization and responsible usage!

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  9. cugradhappy says:

    if it’s illegal, you’re an idiot for thinking u won’t get in trouble.


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