Wow! Who could have imagined this! What else could they be hypocrites on, I wonder?

GOP brushing off abortion opponents

In South Dakota, where fewer than 1,000 abortions are performed annually, Republican leaders voted to ban all abortions except to save a mother’s life. Nine other state legislatures have followed suit with their own attempts to directly overturn Roe vs. Wade.

You might think this would be a big priority in Florida, where roughly 90,000 abortions are performed annually and where Republican leaders regularly tout their “prolife” credentials.

You might think so, but you would be wrong.

“All they have done is protect and make the rich richer and make the poor poorer and give all the benefits to insurance companies and the HMOs. I challenge them to give as much effort to passing the South Dakota initiative as they did to saving Terri Schiavo after 50 or 60 judges had said no, or to repealing joint and several.”

Liberals and plenty of Republicans have long questioned whether conservative leaders really want to make abortion illegal. Removing it from their culture war arsenal would be a blow to the GOP get-out-the-vote playbook.

In his 2004 bestseller, What’s the Matter with Kansas?, Thomas Frank argued that Republicans have convinced working class and middle class Americans to vote against their own self-interest based on cultural wedge issues to which the GOP ultimately only pays lip service.

  1. blastum says:

    In the end, what matters to these guys is (1) how they can stay in office and (2) how they can line their pockets. I don’t believe there is anything else on their minds.

  2. joshua says:

    It’s not just Republicans who are against abortion. Many independents and Democrats are as well. Having said that, the issue of banning them should have been a states issue from day one, not a federal issue. You know as well as I do that these laws being passed are just to force the Supreme Court to address the issue as a states right issue and not an equal rights issue.

    If you believe in the sanctity of ALL life, then you have to be against abortion, war and capital punishment. You either are or your not.

    Politicians are a breed unto themselves, they will outlaw motherhood if it will get them re-elected, and this isn’t an exclusive Republican or Democrat trait.

    The federal goverment has no business making laws based on thought(morality, bigotry), you can’t regulate thought. It’s not even constitutional to do so. When they do, it makes us no better than the Mullahs of Iran or the dictators of the former USSR.

    No matter what their reason in Florida, I hail it, because I believe that morality isn’t part of the goverments sphere.

  3. laineypie says:

    omg i am so not surprised by this article. it makes complete sense- the rich get richer the poor get poorer, of course they wanna keep it that way. thats why all those red states who voted bush are up there in wife beating child molesting uneducated rednecks. dont you see the connection?? it all makes sense now!!

  4. doug says:

    yes, politicians will vote for whatever gets them reelected. and they will essentially not vote on things if, by keeping the issue alive, they will keep getting elected. Roe has been a HUGE boon for the GOP – it brought them a buch of voters they can screw over economically (send their jobs to Mexico and China) while dangling little morality nuggets in front of them (outlawing abortion and, more recently, gay marriage) to keep them on board.

    It is absolutely brilliant, and my only real problem with it is that they thought of it first …

  5. Gary Marks says:

    Sunday may be a good day to trot out cartoon Jesus, Dave, but he would never succeed as a Republican spokesman. All his ideas of brotherly love and pacifism are the outdated teachings of a pre-9/11 savior. For instance, his instruction to turn the other cheek, rather than retaliate against your enemies, is just the sort of subversive notion that we have to nip in the bud, right here and now. If he were here today, we might have to put him to death, the way they did nearly 2000 years ago. Incidentally, I bet we could take care of that in the great state of Texas. A trumped up charge on a capital crime… Let’s just say history could easily repeat itself, if you know what I mean.

    Jesus’ old-fashioned thinking would never survive in modern Christian society, and I’m pretty sure we’d want to keep him and his silly ideas away from the kids, so they grow up as right-thinking Americans. Plus, his hair is just way too long.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Oh BTW Gary, Jesus was not a pacifist! Ever heard of the the temple where he turned over all of the money tables?? Before you start spouting your “Liberal Agenda” and telling us, all how it is, you might want to study the subject that you are so enlightened on!

  7. RTaylor says:

    The latest Gallop poll I read found that 56% of American women polled thought abortion morally wrong. It’s difficult to trust polling on these matters, but I believe it clear to anyone that the nation is becoming more conservative. I don’t foresee the overturning of Roe vs Wade, but you’re likely to see more state mandated restrictions. Old hippies needs to gather on communes, grow a little smoke and leave the world behind.

  8. Gary Marks says:

    Good point, #6 Jeremy, you succeeded in finding the one and only instance where Jesus showed any violent tendencies whatsoever. And what was it that set him off? He entered the temple, his father’s house of worship, and discovered that people were desecrating this holy place by engaging in commerce. Moneychangers made change for worshippers for their offerings, but gave less change than what was given them (the difference was profit), and there were also people selling doves in the temple to use as animal sacrifices to God. Jesus found it utterly outrageous and blasphemous, and told them “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” The only actual act of violence was merely overturning their money tables, but you can imagine how well that went over with them. Obviously, religious leaders have learned their lesson, and you don’t see anyone profiting from religion anymore.

    But as a careful student of the Bible, I’m sure you already knew this. I reiterate, anyone who teaches his followers to turn the other cheek rather than retaliate is a pacifist. I really don’t know a word that better describes that philosophy.

  9. AB CD says:

    Didn’t one of you have a post complaining when the ban passed? Hypocrisy ain’t just a river in Egypt. YOu would have more of a point if Roe v Wade were overturned, adn the ban actually meant something.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Gary, I am can not tell if you are a Christian, or if you are educated in Christianity. However, that being said, you would know that God looks at things as Black or White, Right or Wrong. Not in shades of grey, And for that, I am a sinner. You can not simplify Jesus actions on that day such as you have. Jesus (the Son of God, for I am a Christian) is the same as God. God has a wrath, and God is vegence. (Insert the quote out of Pulp Fiction here) God is not a pacifist, not by any stretch of the meaning! If you are a Christian, I humbly ask your forgiveness for this arguement. If not, then so be it.

  11. Mister Mustard says:

    >>The latest Gallop poll I read found that 56% of American
    >>women polled thought abortion morally wrong.

    I heartily endorse their right not to have one. By the same token, I heartily endors the right of the other 44% to decide for themselves.

    Is there a problem here?

  12. joshua says:

    Geez lainypie…..shall we shrilly besmirch an entire 32 states or what?

    You and those like you are one of the reasons sane debate of any issue is impossable in this country anymore. If it isn’t your way, then you resort to really offensive generalizations of millions of people you don’t seem to know anything about.

    You forgot the usual ultra- lefty slurs…..RACIST, BIGOT!!!!

    There are those on the right and even independents that are just as shrill. But the fact that *everyone does it*, dosen’t make it right, ask the guys at Nurnburg how that defense worked out.

  13. Gary Marks says:

    Jeremy #10, this is actually good logic, but only up to a point. If I understand you correctly, no matter how pacifistically Jesus acted while on this earth, even as he was apprehended and led away to his own trial and execution, by virtue of his divine oneness with the “fire and brimstone” God the Father, Jesus actually was no more pacifist than God. Well, does it matter to a Christian whether they are instructed to “turn the other cheek” by a pacifist or a non-pacifist savior. Either way, the instruction should hold.

    By the way, if you ever want to embarrass a politician, remind him or her that “whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.” Is it any wonder that Christianity and politics don’t mix?

  14. moss says:

    The Gallup polls have been pretty consistent over the past 3 decades. Though the numbers on morality go up and down 5-20%, the overwhelming majority of American women don’t want politicians legislating their choice.

    I guess you didn’t see that part, right, RT?


  15. andrewj says:

    The discussion isn’t whether the privileged will have the right to abortion, only the poor. The privileged have always had the option and always will. Just debating if poor women should have the same right is despicable.

  16. Milo says:

    I doubt republicans want RVW overturned. The situation is perfect for them right now. They “oppose” abortion while their daughters can get safe, confidential abortions… that they will oppose. Dose anyone think that one of Bush’s daughters would be forced to carry a child?

  17. Mr. Fusion says:

    #7, Rtaylor

    I don’t know where you found a Gallup poll suggesting a MAJORITY of women think abortion is immoral. Abortion opinion has been slowly trending towards favorable over the last few years. Right now, depending on the question, abortion is favored by 55 to 63% of Americans.

    Check out this site. It lists the major polls over the last few years from Gallup, Pew Research Center, NBC / WSJournal, LA Times / Bloomberg, CBS and AP / Ipsos.

    Wishful thinking should not be confused with facts. Old hippies smoking dope has nothing to do with abortion, but I think you might find it is the older Americans less in favor of abortion. And it is generally MEN making the most noise about abortion, not those whose bodies are involved.

  18. Mr. Fusion says:

    #9, Didn’t one of you have a post complaining when the ban passed? Hypocrisy ain’t just a river in Egypt. YOu would have more of a point if Roe v Wade were overturned, adn the ban actually meant something.
    Comment by AB CD — 4/30/2006 @ 3:55 pm

    I guess the Doctor hasn’t adjusted your meds yet. Just what the heck is your point? Maybe you are the one that famous river in Egypt is about.

  19. AB CD says:

    I take it English isn’t your first language. The complaint is that Republicans are hypocrites because they haven’t banned abortion everywhere they have the power to do so. Yet when they do do it, there’s even more complaining… I also pointed out that the charge of Republican hypocrisy would have more merit if Roe v Wade hadn’t thrown out abortion bans throughout the country.

  20. Mr. Fusion says:

    #19, The article is about Republicans campaigning their opposition to Roe. Where did you point out that Republican hypocrisy would have more merit if Roe hadn’t legalized abortions?

  21. meetsy says:

    I’m always amazed why people continue to argue about this. Debate my ass! No one can debate a decision that is mine, and mine alone to make.
    Abortion is MY DECISION, my choice, and only mine. I don’t go around telling other people how to make decisions. This whole thing is akin to having ME decide if you should put your aged, confused and demented mother in a retirement home, make your husband get his prostrate surgically removed instead of radiation therapy or chemo, or if you should pull the plug and donate your child’s organs….those are your decisions about YOUR LIFE. Heck, maybe the government should just mandate that all women — after child bearing age — should have their breasts removed, because they’re not doing anyone any good Dictating abortion is just as stupid!!!
    Do, you really want the government — or ANYONE — to mandate these things?
    A zygote is a fertilized egg. Big deal. IT’s not life. It’s a chicken egg where the rooster met the hen. A lot of fertilized eggs fail to that murder, too? Give me a break. Women miscarry (although, technically, an early one is called a spontaneous abortion). Is this murder? Men jack off…is this killing sperm? Should we really value life more than anything? All life, or just babies that happen to be conceived at the wrong moment and are unwanted?
    What pro-life advocates fail to take into account….is that it’s worse to life life unwanted and uncared for, abused or abandoned…than it is to never have lived at all.
    Is life so unvalued that a life of suffering is considered better than no life at all? Do you know how many children live in foster homes and orphanages around the world because no one wanted them….and still don’t want them? How many pro-life advocates have a housefull of abandoned and orphaned and unwanted children that they’ve decided to raise? Very few, I suspect. Have any of them ever held a premature drug addicted infant (they cry 24/7, by the way) who is the result of a quick trick by a crack whore. What about the children with massive physical and mental deficiencies? What about the children that are shaken by parents that are too stressed out..and reduced to being vegetables. These “babies” need 24 hour, intense care all their limited lives. Who cares that these babies would have been spared if the mother had access to low cost abortion?
    These aren’t the picture of the “white, well fed babies” of the propaganda….but they all exist.
    Oh sure, in “theory” every baby should be wanted. But this isnt’ lalalala land, it’s reality. And reality is…poor women ARE the most likely to get pregnant (very few contraceptive services are available low-cost or free anymore), and these are women who are most hurt by additional children.
    AS for the stupid RHINO republicians…and the Christian right….they should just stop this nonsense. Quit spouting stupidity, and think!


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