Prototype car runs 100 miles on four ounces of water as fuel — Oh brother…this is such a pile of BS that it’s hard to see why webites like Mobile Magazine run it as news! And yes there is a video showing it working. It’s amaing how people want to beleive such hoodoo. The abolute worst part of this is that it was reported on FOX News as fact and not one actual Chemical Engineer was brought on to discuss this. So let me get this straight. Here we have a car that runs on water (25 miles-per-ounce) and it is fed to the public as like golly-gee-whiz happy news facts! It’s surreal.

Now, of course, if such a technology did exist this guy would have a line miles long of people who’d pay anything to get their car converted. Or has this “genius” not considered fitting cars. He does have the patent supposedly. Next step in this report is to dig up these patents. Ha. They must be hilarious.

While the tip of the welder is cool to the touch, the water-powered torch can burn through charcoal and get tungsten to “light up like a sparkler.” But when it comes to powering a vehicle, this prototype could drive for 100 miles on only four ounces of water. Technically, the car isn’t running on water, because the H20 is converted to HHO gas. This is said to provide the “atomic power of hydrogen”, while maintaining the “chemical stability of water.”

FOX video:

HHO gas? Har.

This report epitomiizes everything wrong with TV news. Good work Fox!

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An engineer does the math
And here is where this BS all originates

After these guys are done here we’ll see the anti-gravity machine. Oh and let’s not forget variations on this invention using oxygen dihydride, hydrogen hydroxide as well as dihydo oxide. And then there is this.

found by Rick Salsman

  1. Retard says:


    I read all “suggestions”.

    It works & the Author, John C. Dvorak has merely used a form of psychology for your responses.

    Hint: he’s NOT denying these personal assaults on posts, so STFU!!!
    He’s literally NOT saying what you think he is.
    He is helping more than you realize in those little minds.
    Yes, I have run a 125cc motorcycle engine on it, not perfected yet.

    Peace out.

  2. Retard says:

    Also, the flame on the torch isn’t touching the tip, thus it stays somewhat cool as all torches do when the flame is such adjusted…with pressure/orifice size.

  3. Retard says:

    Also, the flame on the torch isn’t touching the tip, thus it stays somewhat cool as all torches do when the flame is such adjusted…with regard to pressure/orifice size.

  4. Zack Wheeling says:

    The HHO car kits do not run strictly on water; The HHO simply enhances the burning property of the gas to increase the mileage the car can achieve. Plus, most cars are designed to handle extra load on the alternator. Why do you think there are extra fuse and relay spots open (for fog lights and other such electrical devices)?
    Yes, it requires a little distilled water and an electrolyte(not costly compared to the rising gas price), but basic mechanics shows that if installed properly, not only will it increase your fuel mileage, it will also blast carbon from your engine, cleaning it quite thoroughly. Most people will claim that your Mass Air Flow sensor will detect more oxygen from the electrolysis, therefore telling the car’s computer to produce more gas and decrease fuel mileage. However, if placed properly, the intake valve of the HHO system is as close to the butterfly valve as possible, which in turn will keep the MAF sensor from even detecting the extra oxygen provided. Many sites and sellers on eBay have MAF modification boxes that tell your car’s computer the MAF is receiving less air than it actually is, which will make your car run lean (or use less gas). I do not recommend this because most people will try to run as little gas as possible, which can damage the internal combustion engine and cause spark knock. Most car’s computers are capable of detecting the slower burn caused by the HHO, and reducing the amount of gas injected into the engine. Not only this, but the byproduct of hydroxy gas is water, leading to lower emissions that decreases the pollution to the planet.
    Many of the plans that these people sell ARE A SCAM, BUT ONLY BECAUSE if you do a fairly extensive (but later on, cost-effective) search online, you can easily find plans, designs, and tips for everything that you would find in these manuals.
    The parts to build the system are fairly cheap (depending upon the quality of the products you purchase), usually cheaper than most websites are selling their manuals for.
    Do your research people. These sites may be a scam, as far as selling Common Knowledge in a manual, but the HHO systems are fairly reputable and the sellers do not claim to make a car run solely on Hydrogen and Oxygen at a 2:1 ratio (aka Brown’s Gas), but that it is a fuel enhancer and will decrease your car’s fuel consumption.
    And who doesn’t want a 25% to 60% increase in gas mileage? I know I do. Skeptics often call BS, but I’m not the one getting s#!+y gas mileage in my ’97 Toyota Land Cruiser, which used to get a mere 12 mpg. The pain in my wallet inspired me to try this method and with a great project to have fun with, I increased my real-world gas mileage by about 50%.
    Don’t spend your money on these manuals. Do a little research and save yourself some money on the project and on your fuel consumption.

  5. shomas says:

    no fee energy is magically created hear guys. an internal combustion engine has an efficiency 18% to 20%. Your catalytic converter burns the excess fuel that is not burned in chamber. With HHO a little energy is used to break apart water into HH HH OO gas. Guyes were not burning water either (makes as much sence as burning ash), were burning hydrogen as the fuel along with gasoline with its by products being water and CO2. Anyway because hydrogen burns much faster then gasoline it helps burn more of the gasoline in chamber, waisting less energy then a ICE normally does.

    Some food for thought
    which results in less fuel being used
    Lets do some math and see. Say you drive an average 15k miles a year.
    30% improvement to a vehicle with 30mpg or
    30% improvement to a vehicle with 15mpg
    30% improvement results in 125 fewer gallons used
    30% improvement results in 250 fewer gallons used.
    Point of lesson above is small gains in fuel inefficient vehicles can have a larger impact on national fuel consumption then larger gains in efficiency on more efficient vehicles. So you guys out there with RV and trucks tell us how much you save weekly with your HHO generators.

  6. BUDDY L says:

    just to let folks know i built an hho generator for a friend of mine who has a 2002 dodge grand caravan. this required 5 different variations of generators and a few changes to the control box to get system that worked but i finally got it. I am a former ASE certified master tech that works in dodge dealership and did what i considered a fair amount of research on the idea. i have had to deal with issues such as location,overheating of generator,corrosion,efie enhancers and user friendliness, freezing. I cannot for sure say at what temp it will freeze until winter gets here but i found solutions to all of the other problems and did very precise 75 mile test drives at 67 mph. my friend did the first one and told me the van got 23.4 mpg before i did anything to it. the first run i made with it(didn’t have efie wired in right) i got 21.7 the second run i got 22.3 then i found i had wired the efie to the downstream o2 sensor, i was tapping into it at the processor and read the wiring diagram wrong. i fixed this error and my third trip i got 27.7 but i noticed that i was getting very little gas from the generator so i added more baking soda to it and got my amp gauges to total about 25 amps. my forth run i got 32.6. some say hho work some say it doesn’t. I have proof that it does but it does take more work than some people say it does. note i have built and installed a monster system for my 99 dodge firetruck that weighs 14,300 lbs loaded but i havent had time to do the proper road test to confirm any results. i can tell you with my type of generator that i am running 60 amps to it and on the highway it runs very cool and consistant. also out all of the gens. i have seen on youtube or other hho sites nobody has one that looks like mine. mine probably costs a little more than some but it is easy to assemble and is very efficient-about 1.5 to 1.7 liters of gas per min. some claim to get a lot more gas but i think they are going to have overheating issues(note if you start to boil the water it looks like you are producing a lot of gas but most of it is just steam. ill stop here but i hope this answers some of your questions.

  7. bigcanuckdaddy says:

    Well i one beleive in science..and all you idiots out there who cant wrap your teeny, tiny, thick, heads around something as amazing than this..well than show us something better or “shut the #$%$ up” and do something better.I’ve seen these machines work at trade show’s…so get of your big fat rusty dusties and get out there and look around before you shoot your mouth off all over and discourage other people to find other alternatives…the age of aquarius is upon us people what are you prepared to do other than type your hands off.?????….think about it…

  8. hootche says:

    Hi , If hydrogen+ oxegen dose not produce moor energy than it taks to make,how come my van dose 48.5 per gal with no HHO,
    But dose 58.9 with HHO,
    This has not been a short test ,i have been working on HHO for over 10 years,
    Dont forget,this is to all the brains in the labs,

    Roads are made with four criteria,
    In a lab HHO will not work.
    London to Edinbr will not work.

    Edinbr to london down hill will work********

  9. Stephan82360 says:

    I agree regarding the fact that you are not creating power with water but you are just converting one energy to an other. But lets look at how much power is waisted in a vehicle. We have an alternator that make more power then needed for it to run. We can use this energy not to replace the main fuel but to create an other fuel to help performance. And one of the post talks about using house power to recharge the batteries on the vehicle maybe we could use solar power in some states to complement the process. These are just ideas that came up reading some of the posts. I don’t think a car can totally run on HHO because of the huge amount of electricity needed to convert enough water to HHO but maybe reduce the use of regular fuel is probably possible. The question is to what level does it need to be to be cost efficient.

  10. HHO says:

    From reading most of the posts here I can see that many have made a common mistake. Many believe that hho gas is simply being burned as a fuel. If this was the case there would be no added energy savings because the energy used to produce hho equals the energy produced in hho gas.

    What you need to understand is that the hydrogen is improving the combustion process of the gasoline. This is how an hho generator produces more energy than it consumes.

  11. Cubaniton says:

    There are simple laws in the universe that we are not even aware of, which if understood, energy will never be a theme of dispute again. E=MC2 anyone remembers this? When an atomic bomb is exploded, do they put the same of energy into it to archive such an explosion ??? I think not, but a much greater explosion is achived, why? because of simple laws of phisics which we as of yet do not understand completly… just like you can push a snow ball with one finger off the top of a hill and as it rolls down the snowball effect can cause a disaster, now , did you put the same amount of energy into making the snow ball roll as the disaster it produced? no. Case rested, there are laws which when combined a chain of events can be unleashed, by puting just a small amount of energy to beging with.

  12. muttkat says:

    I was thinking there might of been something similar but with some different variations like steam engines. Most of them got junked because it was about the time the Rockyfellers Standard Oil came into being and gasoline engines became all the rage and steam engines went out. I’m sure other inventions have come out that seem to disappear. The oil companies and Arabs have to much power and they wouldn’t stand for it.

  13. Lanny says:

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