BBC NEWS | Health | Anger syndrome ‘under-diagnosed’ — Nowadays everything is a syndrome. This is far-fetched.

A condition which makes people lash out violently for no reason is vastly under-diagnosed, say US researchers.

As many as 16 million Americans have been affected by intermittent explosive disorder (IED) in which the sufferer displays unwarranted violent outbursts.

A study in Archives of General Psychiatry showed 4% of the US population had severe IED with three or more outbursts in the past year.

Now you have your excuse of the month. And it’s got to be a lot better than another explosive disorder, uh, IEDD. (You figure it out).

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  1. jim says:

    I feel pretty…

  2. RTaylor says:

    My therapist once told me that being an asshole isn’t recognized by the APA as a disease. I guess they updated the manual.

  3. James Hill says:

    So the next time I say “Well FUCK YOU!” at work I can blame it on a disease. Yes!

  4. James says:

    “As many as 300 million Americans have been affected by IED…”

  5. Ok, here’s the question, can I get my brother committed for his decades long IED?? He really should be the poster boy for this condition.

  6. chris says:

    well we should label this. We label everything else. Its all in a attempt to not bring someone else pain.
    I cant spell for the life of me. so lets see….. could it be that i had a hard time paying attention in school…. o wait thats ADD. but i did do well in some courses cause they excited me…. o wait thats ADHD

    maybe i have CPWAD.

    yeah thats what i have. Whew…..
    So its not my fault that i cant spell.
    I am just that way..

    FYI CPWAD means Cant Spell Worth A Damn

  7. Zuke says:

    We used to call this:

    1. Going nuclear/ballistic
    2. Flipping out, flipping your lid
    3. Going psycho
    4. Getting medieval on your a**
    5. Losing your temper
    6. Freaking out
    7. countless others…….

    I wanted to kick in the car radio when I heard this on NPR yesterday. I went to Costco instead to stare at the purdy 50″ plasma TVs…

  8. John Wofford says:

    I asked a guy to sign a document sometime ago and he told me to go fuck myself whereupon I knocked him across the office. My bossman told me that was not the way to handle the situation and I agreed, and apologized to the man, but only after he signed what I told him to sign in the first place.
    Must of been some kind of unknown strain of whatever…

  9. Edward Dinovo says:

    Yeah, basically #8 you are a psychopath who assaulted another human being. Get help.

  10. unknown says:

    check it out…
    #9 can’t tell #8’s doing a little humorous sarcasm…

    Ok, I MUST be stupid, what the hell DOES IEDD mean…
    (too brain-dead to figure-out the joke) I stopped to think, and forgot to start.
    They say I have ADD, but they don’t understa… Oh look, a chicken!

  11. axe says:

    #7 – Yeah, good comments but kicking in your car radio will only cost you. But you knew that which is why you went to Cosco. Were you thinking about how robust those Plasma TVs are? Yeah, that IED wore off just in time, huh?

  12. Roy says:

    But I thought an IED was one of those things by the road in Iraq?

    Seriously, IED is a real condition, often caused by traumatic brain injuries or stroke. These folks tend to lose their frontal lobes’ ability to say “count to 10 and bite your lip”. However, I can imagine the lawyers having a field day with this.

  13. Mike says:

    So where are the drugs they are trying to push by creating yet another disorder?

  14. woktiny says:

    concurrent bilboards back in the day read:

    “1 in 4 Americans suffers from a mental disorder”

    “Nixon’s the one”

    ok, jokes over.

    IED sounds like people who have bottled up anger from not dealing with their issues early on, which I dare say is 99% of Americans.

  15. Angel H. Wong says:

    That’s also known as “mother who always seem to find someone better than one and rubs it on their face.”

  16. wayland skallagrimsson says:

    Thus speaks someone who’s never had a serious problem with such matters…But of course it’s easy to criticise what you don’t understand. What was that Lincoln said about keeping your mouth shut?

  17. lincoln says:

    I found this information helpful, thanks very much.

  18. mad dog says:

    i have a BIG MOUTH!! every 5 mintes i say damn it! fuck! shit! Is this because I leave with my mother in a shake in the fucking woods? I am building a hunting lodge and I have no women as well….I am 24. I am not your average soul! I try to move moutains in 1 day and I get my kick by making stuff happen! I do not go to bars

  19. farm-girl says:

    THIS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS A FU**ING JOKE!!! i know 2 people with this disorder and its ruins peoples lives. its not hilarious. its upsetting to me and the others.


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