Like Smartalix, I was at the SID show in San Francisco and found the cool new display technology from Qualcomm to be perfect fodder for my Marketwatch column. Alix had already scoped out the entire show making the show a breeze for me. Years ago this show would have been in a closet. Now it is huge. Here is a picture of the new Qualcomm display.

No juice needed to keep display on

Another curiosity is this old bi-stable display from Kent Displays. It has not been refreshed in 12 years! This is the sort of technology that is used in so-called digital or electronic paper technology.

Keith Bellamy of Kent Displays shows old panel that has not been refreshed for 12 years! Still readable.


  1. Eideard says:

    That is impressive..

  2. Gary Marks says:

    John — this is probably as close a post as there is for my comment to be on-topic. As an old-time subscriber to PC magazine when paper was king, there was no more consistently interesting a page than your “Inside Track.” Cheers.


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