April belongs to serial sex killer John Wayne Gacy, convicted of killing 33 young men and boys, while May is for Jeffrey Dahmer, who ate 17 men. June features Satanic worshiper and murderer Richard Ramirez.

The grisly 2007 Serial Killer Calendar produced by a Maine businessman depicts some of the world’s most notorious murderers painted by “the vampire of Paris,” Frenchman Nico Claux who himself served 7 years for murder.

The artwork of America’s most notorious killers — ranging from pencil drawings by Charles Manson to a painting by executed serial killer John Wayne Gacy — fetch hefty sums from collectors of so-called “murderabilia.”

Still, the idea that murderers can profit from their marquee status offends many people.

“This is a horrible, disturbing calendar,” said Christine Ward, executive director of the California-based Doris Tate Crime Victims Bureau. The group was founded by the late mother of Sharon Tate, who was murdered by Charles Manson. Manson is featured on the calendar’s January page.

“The last thing you want is somebody making a profit off the person who murdered your loved one,” she said.

Next up, Saunders said, are a 2008 Serial Killer Calendar and a line of posters in 2007, featuring not just serial killers but Claux portraits of the notorious — from John Dillinger to Jesse James and the fictional Hannibal Lecter.

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  1. Mike Voice says:

    This is an example of why I support the Death Penalty, instead of life in prison without possibility of parole…

    Not for punishment, not for revenge, but just to remove those sick *#cks from our world – permanently.

    Why do we consider it more humane to keep them in a cage until they die? Wouldn’t the SPCA & PETA object to animals being treated that way.

    How is it not “cruel & unusual” to give Manson a parole hearings every 5-years, when he knows there is no chance in hell we’ll let him walk???


    He has been held so long, that some people are actually sympathetic with his “plight”…


  2. mansongirl says:

    nico claux does a damn good job at making a calendar. i have one of my own which i proudly display where everyone including Jesus could see it. i dont see why everybody’s having an anal fissure about some fucking calendar with drawings of serial killers and quotes that are better than that philosophical bullshit you see on so much of the other calendars. i also cant see why a lot of these uptight dickwads are so offended when they werent even directly affected by these serial killers. if you decide you want to be a little bitch and get your pubes twisted in a fan about it, you can get fucked with a combat machete and have your ass fried in a burning dumpster created by a mob of inebriated bums.


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