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Bush makes fun of a reporter who wore sun glasses as he asked a question. The reporter was gracious enough to not point out that he was blind.

  1. BobH says:

    “…its how a President handle the mistake is what make him a good leader!”

    Your grammar skills are right up there with your insightful assessment of leadership.

    If “W” wanted to handle a mistake properly, he would have borrowed a secret service revolver after stepping out of the view of the children on 9/11 and treated himself to a late lead lunch. That selfless act might have afforded historians the ability to grant the moron a modicum of respect and – with any luck for America – may have given Cheney the massive fatal heart attack he still so desperately needs.

  2. bac says:

    In Reagan’s earlier life, he was an actor. I have actually watch several of his movies. One of the movies had Reagan playing as a football player with a nickname of Gipper. That is why Reagan is sometimes refered to as the Gipper.

    Reagan new how to speak in front of the public. But Bush just seems like a goofball when speaking to the public. Reagan and Bush do have some similarities. Both increased spending and created huge deficits.

  3. prophet says:

    #10 – Jeremy, you are correct. Anyone can insert their foot in to their own mouth. The problem is, this president does it with such an arrogant attitude. So…yes….this one instance does not prove a point.

    #15 – Jeremy, I am a strong believer in the seperation of church and state. I take the opinion that the two should never, ever mix. The zealots who run theocracies are just as bad at running a goverment as the Republican monkeys we have now. I do not think the Democrats would do any better and to paraphrase someone else “the system is broken” when the only people we elect in to office are lawyers and lifelong politicians. What happened to the common, educated man with common sense and learned knowledge running things. What we see today is special interest and big business buying things off in both political parties. It is sickening what takes place. I got off on a tangent. Sorry about that.

    #29 – Jeremy – Reagan was the beneficiary of close to 40 years of international policy. He kept with the program, didn’t make any radical policy shifts, and turned up the heat (mostly rheteric but I am sure that dissenting Polish groups, East German dissenters, and the former Soviet sattelite nations received all kinds of funds and such), but Communism would have fallen with or without him. It would have just taken longer. Communism was defeated by long term economoics; in its real world form it was not sustainable. Wouldn’t that have been a kick in the ass to all the Republicans if the Berlin Wall had fallen during the Clinton years.

    Just to clear things up…I am a strong fiscal conservative and a strong social liberal.

  4. Johnny-Cakes says:

    I like what Jon Stewart said last night on The Daily Show when said we shouldn’t blame the President for not knowing the guy was legally blind: “To be fair to the President, the President probably doesn’t give a shit”.

  5. Johnny-Cakes says:

    Having just commenting on what Jon Stewart said last night about this, I will say that when it was all said and done, President Bush DID call the guy on his cell phone and apologize to him. Wallsten said he told the president that no apology was necessary and that he didn’t feel offended since he hadn’t told anyone at the White House about his condition.

    So…let this end. It was a faux pas, but nothing major to latch onto. There are much bigger things we can lambaste this president about.

  6. ab cd says:

    >When Clinton didn’t get the majority of the popular vote, no one else DID.

    When Bush didn’t get the majority of the popular vote, no one else did.
    At least Bush managed to get that majority the second time around.

    When Ross Perot dropped out, he praised the Democratic Party as the reason for dropping out.

  7. xrayspex says:

    I consider myself very observative.

    I see we have badly misunderestimated you.

  8. Mike says:

    Apparently Moss doesn’t understand what the difference between a “majority” and a “plurality” is. He should probably understand these two concepts before using them to criticize others.

  9. James Hill says:

    Maybe the blind guy can look for WMDs?

  10. moss says:

    I see Jeremy and Mike still care more about protocol and copouts — than ethics and logic.

    Kind of like the types who stand to one side at a natural disaster and mutter about the color of the bandaids being inappropriate.

  11. BgScryAnml says:

    Was his dog with him? Did he loose his white cane? Must be a slow day in the liberal media.

  12. American Soldier says:

    Looks like the prez was man enough to apologize. Now if only half of you were man enough….we would have a hell of a country!

  13. Jeremy says:


    Wow, where to begin? First off, I apologize that my grammar was not spot on. I know that it was not so far off, you, and anyone else that read it, had no problem understanding my point. Like I stated in one of my earlier post, that I was at work, and that my attention was divided. No excuse, just the truth.

    It sounds like you have other issues, other than your inability to debate. You may consider seeking professional help with your anger problems.

  14. moss says:

    MSNBC must still be reading this blog. Just saw the episode on the afternoon snooze.

    The reporter said he wasn’t especially bothered by Bush’s remarks — but, he wished he would actually answer a question, once in a while.

  15. Jeremy says:

    Moss, I am the type of a person, who can have a spirited debate, and not have ill wards against the person (s) I debate. I hope you are in the same manner.

  16. BobH says:


    Anger? Not a bit of it; just mirth and merriment at the expense of the lame duck and his huntsman of renown. As for debate… that’s down the hall, just beyond abuse and two doors before stern discipline.

  17. joshua says:

    The reporter stated that the President gave him a call and apologised. He had no idea that the reporter had the problem. The reporter stated that it was no one’s fault because he had never told anyone at the White House or the WH press office about his condition.

    He did say that he wished the President had answered his question.

  18. Harold says:

    RE: #15 Jeremy –

    I thought Floyd Turbo died about the same time Johnny Carson did.

    Floyd Turbo is resurrected! Can I say dimwit without getting in trouble? If so — please delete this last sentence. OK?

  19. Harold says:


    I don’t mean to be to slanderous but do you happen to be from Texas? I met a few too many of them folks — 10 gallon hat, tea cup brain!

    OBTW – the Harding family is most grateful that Warren is no longer deemed the worst president in history! Thanks GW!


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