I found this post on the Twit.tv website to be amsuing.

Here’s a (ahem) taste:



* dvorak.org/blog URL is mentioned.
* They mention the “good old days” of The Screen Savers.
* David Prager makes a comment.
* IPTV or Podcasting is mentioned as the way of the future.
* A feature is mentioned that will be removed from Windows Vista.
* Steve Jobs is mentioned as a mad man.
* The “box of crap” is mentioned.
* Someone mentions that they are #1 on iTunes.
* A Google Maps hack is mentioned.
* A teenager is said to have “hacked” something at their school.
* Someone says “nice” in response to a comment.

anyone who listens to the podcast will think this is quite funny.

It goes on and on in great detail actually deconstructing the Twit Podcast. Anyone who dares to contemplate playing this “drinking game” should note that it would kill you from alcohol poisoning.

  1. John Wofford says:

    1. Who are we sueing? (amsuing)
    2. Should twit ever start posting video episodes (with screen saver style ladies!) I’ll toss the dialup for high tier DSL.

  2. James Hill says:

    3. Patrick Norton says “But Leo…” in that whiney voice.

  3. Improbus says:

    Is there a CrankyGeeks drinking game as well or should we just use the same rules?

  4. Dylan Neild says:

    – Leo talks in an accent that is not his own.
    – A woman is on the show and Leo makes mention of it as if it’s an earth shattering event.
    – John says “no, no, no” or “no, that’s crap”, or generally dismisses everyone.

    Much respect to TWiT. 🙂

  5. Gig says:

    Leo fawns over Woz.

  6. RTaylor says:

    Almost all the the female talent on techtv has gone on to bigger and greater things, including salary. You guys are sitting around on Sunday afternoon doing this for free, with the exception of Leo who probably pocketed some of the donation money, 🙂

  7. Yes Taylor, true. We sit around shooting the breeze on Sunday for nothing (except for blog hits). But there is a grand scheme afoot!

  8. James Hill says:

    Leo fawns over Woz: That’s two drinks, Gig.

    Taylor, replace the word “All” with “The naturally pretty ones” and you’ll have a commentary on TV journalism and a true statement.

    John, I’m sure the Fox Business Channel will have some dead time to fill once it starts next year. Besides, the “Fox News San Francisco Bureau” has a funny ring to it.

  9. Joe Dirt says:

    I’ll drink to that!!

  10. Steph says:

    ya gotta take shot if dvorak calls someone a bonehead.

  11. Geoff says:

    Someone on the panel or someone in general?

  12. camintmier says:

    Glad they didn’t say to drink a shot every time Dvorak plugs his blog. We’d all be drunk in the first 10 minutes.

  13. Well, my plugging the blog (you’re here, eh?) is indeed listed. As I said before, this would be a toxic game if actually played.

    You should note I usually only plug the blog twice a show.

  14. Max Bell says:

    As opposed to using the blog to plug the twit/geekcast, pod-thing.

    Pr0n is an exception; there is no advantage to bus speed with pr0n, unless its having a slower bus.

    With anything else, though? Podcasting strikes me as being the most efficient means of SLOWING the transfer of information developed to date. I mean, I don’t want to own a cell phone, either, so maybe I’m just a neandrethal, but I’m still holding out for transcripts.

  15. Bryan K says:

    If it was every time i heard the blog plug – man , I’d get wasted 😉

  16. Anon says:

    I have to admit that I eventually capitulated and visited this quality blog after about 35 weeks of the relentless and semi-jocular plugs on TWiT. I realized that I had been here before, but this time it just stuck I suppose.

  17. Dylan Neild says:

    @RTaylor: Which ones? Morgan is on G4. She’s probably making good money but she’s still just eye candy. When I want to know about video games – the last opinion I look for his hers….

    Who else are you talking about? Meghan had kids and disappeared. She was the really smart one.

    Anyone else?

  18. Carl Trimble says:

    This one alone would kill me if I took a drink everytime…

    * Someone says “nice” in response to a comment.

  19. Bryan K says:

    Morgan is more than eye candy – from what I recall she was a Comp Sci major

  20. Tim Harris says:

    Twit might be popular in Cali, but I can tell you that not a single soul in Texas knows who Leo is OR Twit for that matter. Yet, these same individuals were probably watching screensavers when it was on tv. Odd, eh ? Nah. Just marketing.

    Nobody cares how smart women are ! Are you kidding me ? On TV, or any visual medium, a cue card will make any woman smarter than her counterpart. ‘Tis all perception.

    John. Leo needs to do something about the lag in his podcast. I found that when I focused on technology on my graphic editorial (www.thesocialdeviant.com),technology just got too damn boring to cover all the time. When everything is said and done, you just become a voice of the industrial military complex. I’m sorry you guys are stuck with the whole AOL bit. I’d like to hear some cuss words or some talk against “The Man…”

    P.S. Screw web 2.0.

  21. Brian Staton says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA That is great. TWIT wouldnt be what it is without you guys (well…of course that’s true). But that big mish mash of personalties is great…and you have John C. “Dvorak Dot Org Slash Blog” to straighten them out when they get to roudy or when leo gets Woz Stricken. This probably sounds retarded and it isn’t something you haven’t heard before but you guys do a great job. Keep up the great work ya twits.

  22. tkane says:

    John, looks like the only thing afoot is the eventual shutdown of TWIT. I’m getting the impression even Leo is tiring of it. Too bad if so, it’s a whole lot better than reading Gartner.

    BTW, I’d have changed the drinking flag to read “Everytime someone laughs when dvorak.org/blog is mentioned”. I never quite understood why that happened (or still happens). Plugging websites is half the point of these programs, right?

  23. Anon says:

    classic TWiT moment: during one show Leo let Wozniak go on and on about something and Dvorak went off to straighten out his office.

  24. From what I can tell Leo is not tiring of Twit in any way. The summer is slow for tech news.

  25. Shawn Caron says:

    And I’m living proof that those blog plugs work!

    Surprised there was no “I get no spam” rule…

  26. Mike Knowland says:

    Well, I guess I’ll have to stop listening to twit at work.

  27. Pete says:

    Don’t start the “TWiT is on it’s last legs” rumour – I need the TWiT!

    Ok the last but one show was lousy (for lots of reasons, well two reasons really – two guests who wouldn’t shut the hell up, had irritating voices, and had nothing useful to contribute!)

    You know how difficult it is to find decent podcasts – I must have trial 10 or more shows under a particular theme to find one that I actually enjoy listening to… that process is not fun. And the TWiT is *the* weekly tech podcast as far as I’m concerned (ok I do watch the “cranky geeks” on occassion… but that’s a vidcast or whatever you call it lol)

  28. Canadian says:

    I was listening to TWiT before John joined as a regular. I have to say, that I do like having John there. I may not always agree with him, but he will make people think.

    Keep up the TWiT work.

  29. Jeff says:

    We used to want to drink every time Patrick said, “Let’s take a step back,” on TSS. I like the guy, but that annoyed the crap out of me!


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