I found this post on the Twit.tv website to be amsuing.

Here’s a (ahem) taste:



* dvorak.org/blog URL is mentioned.
* They mention the “good old days” of The Screen Savers.
* David Prager makes a comment.
* IPTV or Podcasting is mentioned as the way of the future.
* A feature is mentioned that will be removed from Windows Vista.
* Steve Jobs is mentioned as a mad man.
* The “box of crap” is mentioned.
* Someone mentions that they are #1 on iTunes.
* A Google Maps hack is mentioned.
* A teenager is said to have “hacked” something at their school.
* Someone says “nice” in response to a comment.

anyone who listens to the podcast will think this is quite funny.

It goes on and on in great detail actually deconstructing the Twit Podcast. Anyone who dares to contemplate playing this “drinking game” should note that it would kill you from alcohol poisoning.

  1. CJ in Alabama says:

    I’m a great fan of Pat’s and I know John’s got a man-crush on him ( “he’s incredibly photogenic” ) but …
    I dare you to take a swig every time Patrick says “basically” (a crutch word) or “it’s interesting”. What the hell is so interesting and why don’t I believe you are truly interested !

    Great podcasts John, keep ’em comin’.

  2. Gasbag says:

    God John if I played this game I be legless for the whole weekend as you have turn it into one big ad for this site


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