Newmark, Rupley, Rose

Today we did a second show in addition to the normal episode of Crankygeeks. It’s not yet scheduled to run but it was done as one of our many “theme” specials — this time focusing on community online software systems and their phenomenal popularity. In this case we have Craig Newmark of Craigslist and Kevin Rose of Digg. Together for the first time they discuss Democratization of content in an online community setting. What’s it all about? Sebastian Rupley from PC Magazine and myself ask all the quesions you’d like asked. Good stuff.

  1. Johnny-Cakes says:

    How come Sebastian always looks pissed off when you introduce him? Always with the “I hate you John” look to him. But then the show starts up and he’s fine. It’s just right in the intro he has that look.


  2. Metrobilly says:

    Nice c**k tease move, post about the best line-up you’ve had and then say it’s not scheduled to air?!?

    We need to see this ASAP!

  3. MikeT says:

    Man, I was thinking the SAME thing — why are you wasting our time telling us about this wonderful show that you have not scheduled to air. I am sure it’s good — I guess we’ll have to take your word for it, though.

    Hey, all, I’ve invented a perpetual motion machine that requires no power… I would show you, but….sorry no time.

    Mike T

  4. Personally because I like the photo!

    OK..Maybe next Thursday we’ll run it. Send your demands to the producer and everyone”s pal: Annaliza Savage [Annaliza_Savage at]. Tell her you like the show while you are at it.

  5. Johnny-Cakes says:

    I have to ask, if you weren’t going to show it, WHY DO IT? Just for laughs? Just you 4 sitting around shooting the breeze and you decide to tape it? Something to show at the Christmas party?

    If you taped it by all means run it!

  6. Anon says:

    Too true #1

    John: Here’s our chief crank, who’s been doing a solid 86 on the crank-o-meter, and by far the mosty cranky of us if you believe the poll numbers

    Sebastian: (stares) I’m gonna stab you in the neck with a pencil, Dvorak.

    I guess he really IS just cranky.

  7. sabadash says:

    But are you going to let the literate read the interview, or free-for-all, or whatever?

    I really prefer the word to the picture when presented with folks like this. But I suppose the technology is too remote: it’ll have to stay a motion picture. Shame.

    “-” sabadash

  8. Geez..we do not just do these for fun never to air them. The specials run when we need to take a week off or someone gets sick. These are shows called (in TV and radio lingo) “evergreens.” This means they are not necessarily topical (the news of the week is not covered) but can be used in a pinch to keep things moving along. Some — like this one — get moved to the top of the list to run when we get our first chance. In this case it could be next Thursday since we are not doing a live show on Thursday because we’re taking it off as a holiday week.

    Note that this technique of rolling out evergreens (produced on the side) is a far superior way of doing things than doing re-runs or just skipping a week with nothing to show. Our evergreens, while not as lively as a typical show covering news have been very educational and interesting. This show is the most interesting yet. I know a lot of people have equated this show with my cable show Silicon Spin. I can assure you that this show — although less lucrative for me personally — is far superior in every way except the production values and the general cheesiness of a webcast. But people can see it when they want, we have better bookings and we do not have layers of incompetent middle managers (aka suits) telling us what to do. It’s very ineresting to experience this structure.

    Needless to say, I have an accumulation of tales to tell.

  9. Mike Poullas says:

    Not to start a flame war here but it never ceases to amaze me how “cranky” some viewers are if they don’t get an immediate fix on some shows being produced i.e. CG, DL.TV. People are going to have to chill a little and be thankful that shows like this are even getting made! Perhaps you should have explained “evergreens” before posting this blog to avoid the comments above. I definetly prefer evergreens to no shows.
    John, you and gang are doing a great job with CG even if the production values are “cheesy” (although short of some jittery camera work, I don’t think so). I find myself always wanting more than the 20 or so minute made each week. The mix of topics and guests is great and I love the fact that you mix it up every week. I hear and watch over 50 or so pod/vid casts a week and I have to say the CG is always on my top 5 hands down. Let me add that Sebastian is GREAT. Inightful, witty and really holds his own week after week with any guest put in next to him.

    If I can make any suggestions it would be to possibly bring up topics that are not covered by the all press/blogs or deep secret stuff. Kind of like what you do with PC Mag Inisde Track. Things that only JCD can get. I know its not always easy with the likes of Digg, etc. I hear you do that often wit TWiT so not sure you hold that kind of stuff for TWiT only. The other thing I would suggest is a lighting round at the end of the show, kind of like “The McGlaufland Group”. I think that would get the crank-o-meter rising!

  10. Johnny-Cakes says:

    Wow John…you actually explained that in a totally coherant and logical manner! Of course, I never thought about it that way. You need something to fill in if you’re sick or want to take some “time off” (whatever that is).

    To continue my sucking up, I do like Cranky Geeks better than Silicon Spin and you’ve had some pretty interesting guests and conversations. At least it doesn’t turn into a fiasco like TWIT does sometimes (though I still really enjoy that too).

    And yeah Mike, we’re all “Cranky Viewers”.

  11. V.Kritis says:

    My 5 cent worth comments on some of Jim Louderback’s (sorry for name spelling…not a native English speaker) statements a few episodes ago…

    IMHO, Jim likes to talk a lot and he often doesn’t have a clue what he’s talkin’ about: I refer to what he said in diminishing tone with regards to the time to order and set up a broadband connection in Continental Europe…(I often wondered whether he even knows where Continental Europe is actually located…he refered to us by extrapolating UK facts).

    Anyway here’s some stats from Flanders in Godforgotten Belgium…of all places.

    Getting a broadband connection up and running ranges from few hours to few days max…competitors are queueing up to offer you free of charge installs and start-up periods of up to six months. I got Telephony, Cable TV (Tivo-like functionality) and Internet all entering our house in one cable …for a few years already. I only miss HDTV broadcasts…You got those in the US…ok fine! You win!

    For speeds…I got experience with two different suppliers (there are dozens actually): Telenet and Chello: Telenet offers 20Megabit/sec with 35 GBytes download limit per month, one euro for extra GByte; Chello, same speed…no download volume limits. Costs between 40 and 50 Euros a month.

    For some download sites (newsgroups, Akamai, …) this regularly translates to 1.5 MB/sec, sustained streaming! For kicks, I watch CCTV 9 (China Central TV 9 – broadcasting in English) without a hitch on my Snazzi Media Player thru my router and home Lan…Wunderbar!
    BTW, that broadcast looks like it was produced in the US of A…they got more of a UK English accent though…I wonder!

    How about that Jim? I don’t blame you though…the UK is kinda developing country to us Continental Europeans, especially nowadays with Blair and Co…when R U gonna turn them into the next US state so we can get on with our lives?

    As for you, John…I’ve been a column fan from the early days…you are like a great wine: the more you age the more precious you become. Keep it up…you are Da Man….

  12. Lewis Perdue says:

    The “democratization of content” has produced a tsunami of inarticulate, inaccurate, incomprehensible and and inconceivably polemical eCrap which makes the few quality bits increasingly hard to find.

    There are damn good reasons for editors.

  13. Anon says:

    I want to know what kind of voodoo the crankygeeks people pulled off to get Kevin Rose for more than 15 minutes

  14. random_chevy says:

    Dear John C. Dvorak,

    One of my alter-ego’s had a binge as an online content provider, just to check it out. The exercise lasted just a few short years because I didn’t enjoy replying to the email I had received from readers world wide, but so what? Been there, done that. I, for one, find, “focusing on community online software systems and their phenomenal popularity,” to be terribly insulting. You have been a columnist for decades and many of your readers have been utilising telecommunication networks for nearly as long. Do you think we will find some nuggets of wisdom listening to your “questions you’d would like asked?” Like maybe we didn’t have a clue by 1989? 1996? Y2K? Oh yeah, like everything is the same, just bigger. Boring, I tell you, worse than boring. For real, I know one Ph.D. who in a online community debate (for Ph.D. types) wrote a hostile-like rebuttal and waited and waited and no reply. Come to find out the other gentleman had suffered from a break-in that night, and had been murdered in his home. Not my kind of community where you can’t even trust colleagues to live long enough to reply. I bet each night when he went to sleep he had nagging thoughts like, “maybe I shouldn’t have been so critical of his idea?” Some of us don’t envy Craigs list or Digg and their popularity, and no, they were not the venue used for the Ph.D.’s debate. Some of us can recall when AOL was just a rumour and PRODIGY had fewer than a half a million subscribers. CompuServe and GENIE were in the low six figure subscription wise too. However, the interaction with other subscribers was much more enjoyable than these mega million member communities offer. Bring back the good-old-days when a command line kept the simple user from venturing into the electronic sand box. I don’t mean to sound like I possess any intelligence, because I am just a simple user. But, I just don’t want to hear about where the crowd is at. We find our Dvorak/blog and/or other haunts to frequent and don’t need to be reminded that crowded communities exist.

  15. Fabrizio Marana says:

    TWiT is the only podcast I listen to and and CrankyGeeks is the only show I watch. (And when I mean only show, that’s what it is, as I haven’t owned a TV for the last 10 years or so. There really is no time left for watching TV when you work in the IT business.)

    I just wanted to mention that to the cranks… 🙂


  16. Metrobilly says:

    That clears things up, Jon. Next time, just keep those exciting evergreens under your hat.

    Hey, you make a show called CrankyGeeks, you’re going to get some cranky fans.

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