Utilizing up to 14 cameras positioned throughout the Kennedy Space Center, HDNet’s extensive live coverage on the launch date will begin at 10:00 a.m. EDT with behind-the-scenes access to the astronauts as they suit up and board the shuttle, complete with their pre-launch routine inside the crew module. Then viewers will witness the countdown, launch, and follow the shuttle as it reaches far into the earth’s atmosphere.

The coverage will be hosted by Greg Dobbs, however, in keeping with HDNet’s practice of delivering live world news raw and uninterrupted by outside commentary, the network will also broadcast the natural sounds of the launch enhanced by NASA’s commentary, allowing the HDNet audience to receive their information directly from mission control.

Liftoff currently is scheduled for Saturday at 1948 GMT, 3:48 PM EDT. If you haven’t seen something like this in Hi-Def before — and you have access to an HD system carrying HDNet — don’t miss it. It’s very much raw, live coverage — as reality often is.

Update July 4th: A beautiful launch, a safe launch.

  1. Gyro-Gearloose says:

    HDNet is hot shit. They put out a very nice product and don’t try to do things on the cheap. I’m sure that HDNet’s coverage will be outstanding.

  2. Miguel says:

    Just be advised that the launch may be delayed because of clouds – several delays are possible – to Sunday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. A clear sky is required because of all the cameras that will be filming the ascent to determine whether something went wrong or not.

    Even if a delay happens, I’d KILL to watch it in Hi Def… And I’d KILL a lot of people! Here in Portugal I’ll have to make do with a poor webcast (if I’m lucky)… Everyone’s crazy for the world cup, and Portugal will be playing against England tomorrow… Nothing else matters in this little country :\ oh well… 🙂

    Also, in last year’s shuttle mission, an excerpt of the Hi Def transmission was made available for download online a few days later, and on a PC screen it did really look FANTASTIC! I hope they do the same again for this mission.

    And let’s hope all goes well for the Shuttle and the crew!

  3. Angel H. Wong says:

    Just imagine the space shuttle exploding in hi def!

    I know it’s rude, but what do you expect from budget cuts done to NASA in order to “fund” the war on terror?

  4. Steve Simpkin says:

    I wonder what percentage of consumers really care about HD? Are we simply being spoon fed an “upgrade” because that is what manufacturers would like? In light of the upcoming HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray debacle (see this post here), does anyone really NEED HD to begin with? I know I don’t!


  5. Bruce IV says:

    Ok, skeptics (ie Angel and Steve) aside, that has got to be cool. For all its faults, the shuttle is still a crazy piece of engineering, and watching it blast off into space would be majorly sweet. I’m with Miguel – I hope they make some footage availible for download, and that ship and crew come safely home.

  6. It’s a little late in the game to be talking trash about HD. Besides, once you go to HD standard definition is pathetic to watch. You end up hating it.

  7. Miguel says:

    That’s why I don’t want to see HD soo soon! 🙂


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