Major Israeli websites hacked – News from Israel, Ynetnews — Here’s a piece of news that is under-reportd and kind of disturbing since quality hackers can obviously go International instantly. If this situation in Israel doesn’t and these hackers do not get caught, look for more interesting attacks on US targets. Right now this YnetNews article is the one lone report of this activity.

A Ynet investigation revealed that more than 750 Israeli websites, on a number of different domains, were hacked into and damaged in recent days. Prominent among them were the Soldier’s Treasury Bank, Bank Hapoalim (not the main page), Rambam Hospital, the Society for Culture and Housing, BMW Israel, Subaru Israel, Jump Fashion, non-profit organization “Yedid,” Kadima’s youth website, and the Globus Group ticket center. Many of these sites have not yet returned to normal.

Hackers left the message: You’re killing Palestinians, we’re killing servers.

  1. xully says:

    You know your security sucks when you get hacked by Morrocans. Incidently, had International Jewery accepted Hitler’s proposal to settle them in Morraco, these hackers would be the Palestenians.

  2. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    It seems that little negative information about Israel is ever reported.

  3. Craig says:

    The world is topsy turvey.

    It’s ok to launch thousands of missles (Qusaams) from the Palestinian Territory, homicide bomb, and kidnap people from their own land. But it is horrible and awful to defend you country and stop the people who are attacking you and your citizens.

  4. TakeIT2 says:

    Cyber War. We know it is coming, we know it is here in various forms. How personal is that? How politically correct and passive aggressive do we have to get before we realize the out-and-out denial we are in as a “higher species.” Anarchy and chaos are at least honest in their psychosis.

    Israel prides them self on their computer expertise and security measures, so I am sure we can expect retaliation measures; hell the tanks are all warmed up.

    As for the reason it is underreported, well there is no blood, no real human drama, just loss of face, which we can be assured will fuel the lead feet of the tank commanders. But as usual the embarrassment will not be reported because it would be considered a childish motivation for use of force.

    So many forces, so little time, so many fronts, maybe we should bring back the mine.

  5. xully says:

    Those people launching “thousands of missles *are* defending their country. The UN gave the Palestenians’ land away, and the Palestenians want it back. It’s a good example of how well a One-World-Government works.

  6. There is plenty of negative reporting…hey, in this world of blogs even YOU can report it. Go for it.

  7. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    #6, true, and that is how I found out about this.

  8. Tyrant says:

    Firing rockets at civilians and blowing up school buses hardly constitutes defending ones country.

  9. john brougham says:

    Death to all jews as far as i`m concerned.
    USA sponsored terrorists!
    Move them all to the antarctic.


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