The spawn of Michael and one o’ the little folk?

Another story where I just can’t imagine where to start.

Michael Jackson’s Ireland move

Michael Jackson wants to move to Ireland because he wants to meet leprechauns.

The eccentric star, who has been residing in Bahrain since being acquitted of child sex charges last year, reportedly arrived in County Cork last week to search for a new home.

Jackson is said to be hoping to move him and his three children, Prince Michael, nine, Paris, eight, and Prince Michael II, four, into a Celtic castle in the scenic country.

According to Californian psychic Randa Starr, the ‘Billie Jean’ singer has always been interested in Ireland because he is fascinated by fairies and leprechauns – a type of treasure hording elf associated with Irish mythology.

Starr said: “Michael is a very spiritual person and considered a move to Ireland years ago. It doesn’t surprise me that he is attracted to Ireland again. He once thought of it as a spiritual place for his rebirth. He has a very keen interest in fairies, myths and leprechauns which fit in with that.”

Jackson’s spokeswoman has confirmed he is in Ireland “on personal business” but has so far refused to comment on whether he is house-hunting.

  1. gquaglia says:

    Its amazing how this wacko is allowed to have custody of his children and move about freely. Anyone else would be locked up in a nice padded room.

  2. Locke says:

    Dude, common! He is innocent, it’s over! Not amusing anymore..

  3. Gary Marks says:

    There’s been plenty in the press about Jacko’s financial troubles lately. His interest in leprechauns is probably more for their pots of gold than to have “relations” 😉

  4. Dave M. says:

    Why are we quoting an “article” from Is this some kind of top-notch news source?

    Looking at the article, we see someone named Randa Starr talking about Michael. Yet, we see no text describing how this Randa Starr knows Michael and the info she/he claims to know.

    This has to be the worst form of journalism I have ever seen. Even if this post was meant to be humor, it should at least be researched before posting it.

    I’m surprised that John is allowing it to stay on here.

  5. Gary Marks says:

    #4, Randa Starr says that you’re no fun, and my Magic 8-Ball confirms it. That will be tomorrow’s breaking news.

  6. Angel H. Wong says:

    Maybe MJ got bored of yong n’ tender brown meat and decided to go for young n’ tender white meat 😉

  7. Gary Shaw says:

    Ireland used to (and probably still does) have unbelievable tax breaks for “artists”. That might be Jackson’s main draw there, not the little people (oh, I meant leprechauns, not children!). 🙂

  8. JohnnyB says:


  9. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    Well, when a psychic is the main source, the whole story becomes suspect.

    Gq, get over it. The jury found him NOT GUILTY because the Prosecution’s case had too many holes and inconsistencies. There is less reason to lock him up then there is to lock you up.

  10. joshua says:

    Michael’s first *non-molestation* boy was white meat Angel. So maybe he’s after little green meat.

    We keep reading about his huge debt and defaulting on his loans, yet he still lives very, very well…..must have one hell of a limit on his Capitol One card.

    Fusion and others, why is it that O.J. was found not guilty but you all still claim he was, but Jackson is found not guilty and thats the end of it? It’s unfortunate that this man is allowed near children, because he is guilty…..making the victims and their familes look bad dosen’t make you innocent. As with O.J., a good lawyer makes anyone innocent.

  11. stew says:

    A good lawyer makes anyone innocent. In the eyes of the law. Ever notice how justice is famousely blindfolded.

  12. Uncle Dave says:

    #10: Don’t forget, he owns Neverland outright. It must be worth a few hundred million. And then there is his song catalog and who knows what else. He may be cash strapped, but the joker ain’t poor.

  13. joshua says:

    Yeah….Neverland is his without any leins, but he hocked the song cataloque to Sony for something like 200 million loan. And thats one of the loans he is overdue on.

  14. JohnnyM says:

    He’s going to the wrong place!

    he can meet MC Da Lep Ra Con!

    It could be a crackhead!

  15. jim says:

    If MJ goes to ireland he will most likely become a literary figure of irish legend; something akin to a banshee or other supernatural dark figure. Either that or he is gunning for the rights to all of U2’s music as well.

  16. gquaglia says:

    Mr Fusion, you probably thought OJ was inocent too. Jackson is a certifed wacko and should not be anywhere near children, even his own.

  17. Manhattan Marty says:

    I can answer the puzzler about Randa Starr. She’s a writer who lives in Malibu with her sister Patte. They write about celebrities and spirituality. They’re legendary, like celebrities. I noticed an item about them on Page Six of the NY Post. Alot of folks talk about them on the Obsessive Messenger link. PS They’re REALLY hot. They’re on MySpace, too. End of mystery…You’re welcome!!


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