Since this video has been played over 6.5 million times on YouTube, you may have seen it already. But if you haven’t, this guy, playing in his bedroom, is as good as any big-time rock guitarist. And he’s playing a classical music piece!

  1. aleks says:


  2. ebgb says:

    I have logged on to express my opinion as an semi-informed semi-professional as to whether this was real or fake. So as an experienced guitar player my comment is… watching this kid’s fingers move across the neck they appear to be right where they should be to play the notes as you hear them in the video. His version is different than Jerry C version. If he is “fret syncing” he would have had to have learned and the song and maybe multi -tracked the actual recording that you see/hear in the video. Considering that 99% of the recorded music that we hear today is multi tracked, processed, re-mixed etc. is it fake too? I agree with Dave M., Uncle Dave, and John… give the kid credit. He did a great job. In my opinion the kid is for real.

  3. satomi says:

    I first saw this on my friend’s blog and it was JerryC’s version. They both are great. I included SN’s audio link in my posting. Thanks!

  4. Awesome… seriously talented individual. I taught myself guitar too, and this is nothing short of inspirational. Who says the guitar is dead..?

  5. Mike says:

    I can garantee he’s for real!

    I didn’t hear of this guy until I saw him on the News in Sweden…
    They actually look him up, in Korea. I think they said Korea anyways.

    He’s real and he’s popular… Now that is!

  6. Doug says:

    Anybody worth their salt on a guitar can tell it is a prerecorded backtrack with the guitar played live in time. There are style and technique differences clear as day to an astute student of guitar. So cover or not…Dave and SN, don’t be pissed these guys are better than you, admit inferiority!

  7. Super Pimp says:

    I he can move his fingers like that, he can play that. He is in the right places. If you dont believe it you are just jealous.

  8. Dave says:

    This kid could replace or be the next Van Halen! This guitar playing is great!!!


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