“The kingdom is safe! My new armor will protect us all!”

Red Tape Chronicals – August 17, 2006:

Consumer Reports recently conducted one of the most thorough tests ever of antivirus programs. But to really put these security programs through the paces, the magazine hired a firm to create 5,500 new viruses, using them to test the antivirus software products for their ability to detect unexpected threats.

“The antivirus community has always been very strongly opposed to the creation of new malware for any purpose,” wrote John Hawes, the technical consultant at antivirus Webzine Virus Bulletin. “There’s just no need for it. Plenty of new viruses are being written all the time, why would anyone in a responsible position want to add to the glut?

For a very good reason, said Consumer Union’s Evan Beckford, who helped run the test. Nearly all antivirus programs do a good job of detecting known viruses. That’s easy; and rarely are old viruses the cause of much trouble.

It’s the new viruses that cause outbreaks like the LoveBug or Code Red. So antivirus software’s ability to detect new, unexpected threats is paramount, he said.

Here are the scores for detecting unknown viruses:

BitDefender Standard – 87
Zone Labs ZoneAlarm Antivirus – 85
Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus Personal – 82
Norton Antivirus – 80
Norton Antivirus for Macintosh – 80
McAfee ViruScan – 77
Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security – 75
Alwil Avast! Antivirus – 68
F-Secure Anti-Virus – 66
Panda Software Titanium AV – 64
CA/eTrust EZ Antivirus – 57
PC Tools AntiVirus – 41

  1. JohnJ says:

    I have been using Intel personal computers since the pre-Windows days of DOS, and have never had a sucessful virus/worm attack against any of my machines. All it took was current-but-imperfect security software, and a little common sense.

  2. Frank says:

    It appears that they didn’t test ClamAV. I think they want only full versions and installable binary programs only. ClamAV is in open soruce code and needs to be compiled to work.
    I understand why Consumer Reports wanted to create new viruses is because they wanted to find out if there is new virus outbreak how well does it protect against this “un-defined” virus. Using definitions and waiting for the anti-virus developer to create the definition make be too slow to dangerous and fast outbreak.

  3. SpLiC3 says:

    Sorry why have you not included nod32 ? ok you hire a firm to go to all this effort then make an incomprehensive test bloody useless wtf ?

  4. Yuri says:

    Just had to comment on the fanboys trying to brag about macs being better. I’ve worked with them for 15 years doing tech support, get over it. There’s a reason Apple only survives because of the ipod.

    As for PC’s, if someone bothers to actually learn how to use the computer properly there is no need for anti-virus or spyware software. But since everybody wants to be retarded and have their hand held for them and be lazy, you have all this BS flying around. So learn how to use your computer properly and you wont have to worry about anything.

  5. Alex M says:

    “AV software is either proactive or reactive, if you have to wait for a definition to a new virus that is reactive after the fact, this test was to be proactive and detect a new virus without any definition updates.”
    It looks like the bigger AV company gets the slower and more conservative it gets.

  6. Nara says:

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  7. aaron says:

    wow that list sort of shocks me. i thought that norton would be in the one or two position at least.

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