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  1. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    #30, thank you J, I hadn’t seen that article before and I highly recommend it to all the “conspiracy” people.

    #31, RBG, I was thinking the same thing. She missed the “money” shots because she had just put the camera down when they happened.

    I was also wondering why she would have hand held the camera instead of putting it on a tripod. To not use a tripod either means you are very amateurish or can’t afford one. I don’t think the second would apply to someone living just off the river, 500 yds from the WTC, and on the 38th floor.

  2. 0113addiv says:


    J, some things are over people’s heads. When they are it is up to the believer to trust the right person or see what is available to them to come to a conclusion, such as:

    No body parts or large plane parts like the tail on the Pentagon lawn. See the pictures. Compare it with pictures of other plane wrecks. When the Shuttle blew up, people were finding astronaut torsos, extremities and shuttle parts in their back yards. A jumbo jet flew into a mountain side about year and a half ago and the tail was intact. An impenetrable mountain! And the tail survived! Charred bodies all around. Keep an open mind. Don’t believe other sides. Just see with your own eyes and come to a conclusion. See with your heart, not with what your mind wants your heart to see.

  3. joshua says:

    #31…RBG….your sarcasm and intellectual snobbishness would go over better if I was a conspirousy nut. As it is, I’m not.
    I was just making an observation that it appears the tape was cut on at least 2 occasions. Your explanation is perfectly plausable. But when you look at the tape, the scene prior to the second aircraft hitting and immediatly after, it does give the impression that the tape was cut at just that point…..the same thing with the tower collapse.
    It could be many reasons, yours is a good one, it could also be that the family has made a money deal with a network and while allowed to release the tape publically, weren’t contractually allowed to release the *money shots*.
    Also keep in mind her own comment that the *documentalist* (her word) in her wants her to record all of what was happening.
    So while there isn’t any conspirousies, unless someone here actually knows these people, none of us can say why those shots were missed.

  4. RBG says:

    joshua, my sarcasm isn’t really aimed at you but rather the hardcore conspiracy woo-woos out there for whom I have zero patience. And it is a serious thing, as evidenced by J’s Popular Mechanics link above. But as for the intellectual snobbiness, I would humbly substitute the words “common sense”. (“Intellectual snobbiness” is almost a compliment for me. A better dig would be “faux-intellectual”, but I digress in my intellectually snobby way.) Common sense… perhaps served with a bit of irritation and self-entertainment. It’s always amazing to me how common sense is no where to be found and how easiy literally unbelieveable senarios are so readily ponied up when it comes to a good conspiracy opportunity. eg: Fully fueled passenger jet hits tower at 500 miles per hour and someone seriously has to consider that it might have been a planned internal demolition. Stuff like that.

    Looking at the tape again, it supports my view that all the edits represent the videographer simply reacting to events as best she can with her camera. To be sure, there is the hand of a professional editor at work here. You see this in the titles and a number of time-compressing dissolves through the piece. One dissolve that is difficult to detect is at the very beginning of the tower collapse. The dissolve is from billowing smoke to another closer smoky scene.

    You also see a dissolve in the shot prior to the second jet strike. So your instincts are good in that consciously or unconsciously you detect something not quite right with these shots. It is a dissolve, an overlap of two shots meant to ease the transition from one shot to another for the viewer. It’s common vocabulary in film programs to signal the passage of time or another location, etc.

    The beginning of the lady’s tower collapse shot and the second aircraft hit have nothing missing from the camera footage in my opinion. I base that purely on the fact that those shots begin with some wild camera motion. Exactly what you would expect if the camera was just turned on and the shooter is reacting with the camera to something. Both those shots settle down after a few seconds as the cameraperson gains control.

    Conversely, had the camera been running and the prior action merely edited out, you would expect to see relatively smooth camera motion immediately after the edit.

    And the spirit of this video offering also suggests that there was nothing to hide.

    I also think the lady’s comment about being a “documentalist” was indication, not of her intention to shoot non-stop but, almost as an apology as to why she was shooting relatively unimportant details such as people walking in the street.


  5. sdf says:

    I’ll say one thing for Bush’s education policy. Call someone an enemy, a threat, a traitor or a conspiracy nut and you can win any argument.

  6. none says:

    too bad they edited out the good stuff

  7. makau says:

    There are more people who have died from Malaria and other preventable diseases that from terrorist acts in the last five years. Lets get our priorities right. Forget about 9/11 and move on. The problem with you Americans is that you think your blood is more precious that other peoples blood. Not that i have anything against you but you have blown this terrorism thing out of propotion.

  8. RBG says:

    Thousands dead through a suicide attack tends to do that.

    So if you were king, you’d solve only the problem of highest priority and only then move to the next?


  9. joshua says:

    # 35….RBG….thanks for the explanation of camera usuage. If you ever saw my video’s you would know I know nothing about shooting video’s. 🙂

    #38…makau….a lot of non-americans were killed that day. In fact we know for sure that people from at least 23 countries died. But it’s not just 9/11, that date is like the beginning of our intense involvement in the terror problem. There is also, the Bali bombings, the Madrid bombings, the Turkish bombings, the London bombings and many, many others. While I agree that we can’t let it dominate all other parts of our life, we and the whole world need to realize that terrorists have no particular group that it prefers to kill, anyone will do, as long as it advances their agenda.

  10. makau says:

    #40 Joshua…. i agree with you that terrorists have no place in a civilized world, my problem is this: Americans have forgoten everything else and channeled all their efforts to fighting terrorism. in Kenya where im writting from, the parliament is grapling with an anti terrorism bill being shoved down our throats by the American government (This bill will strip me of my privacy). We do not need America to dictate for us our laws, we need them to mind their business and also remember that there are more urgent problems to be solved. When Katrina hit New Orleans, CNN was busy airing a suicide bombing in Bagdad, The US govt took ages to react to a local problem on their soil, rescue efforts were slow and up till now, people still live in trailler parks in New Orleans. The Bush administration has its priorities upside down. The Iraqi did not vote for him, its the citizens of America, but hes spending a fortune rebuilding Iraq and Not New orleans. hes is spending a fortune waging a fruitless war. Let me give you an example of how much the war costs: A depleted uranium tip bullet costs one US dollar, 67% of the world live on less than a dollar a day. 🙁

  11. mark says:


    1) In September 2001, there were an estimated 20,000 members of Al Qaida. According to a recent Homeland Security study, that number is closer to 50,000.

    2) Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims have a hatred that goes back 500 years. To all that think GW Bush is some kind of a hero because there has not been a similar attack to the US in 5 years need to take note of how patient these people can be in getting revenge.

    3) Bush’s war on terror has resulted by far in a skyrocketing in the number who hate America. More killing will drive that number higher and higher. There is only one solution for this approach. The death of every Muslim on the planet because over time, more and more of them will be radicalized. Sadly, there are people in the USA who think this is just fine. And to those people who consider themselves honorable and decent Republicans, they need to take shame in the fact that 100% of the people who think like that are in their party. Democrats can’t take much solace in how things are going in the US, but they can at least take solace nowadays with the situation in America, but they can at least take solace in knowing that none of the people who agree with this ultimate genocide are members of their party.

    4) The suggestion that the Bush administration is culpable for 9/11 is true but only insofar as the Bush administration totally ignored terrorism until Sept 12th, and then went and made as a priority a dictator who had nothing to do with 9/11.

  12. mark says:

    I think this video conclusively puts to rest the conspiracy theorists. It’s easy to make note of the lower half of the second falling tower and it is absolutely clear that that tower collapsed from the top, and absolutely NOT from the bottom like you would expect in a controlled demolition.

    Dropping a building from the top is anything BUT controlled. So thank you Uncle Dave, for what I feel is pretty conclusive proof that it really was 2 planes that took those buildings down.

    This allows us to focus on the real evil of this administration — of which there is tons — and not the phony evil of any neocon conspiracy.

  13. Ambriana Holmse says:

    I didn’t get to see it because of technical difficulties!!!!!


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