– Keyworth resigns HP board — This swing in the boardroom does not bode well for HP in the future. Now it appears as if the board (with the exception of Tom Perkins, now departed) condones and encourages what amounts to unethical behavior (if not illegal). In an era of Sarbanes-Oxley and accountability, this cannot be good for any company. Board liability must be of some concern to these folks. You’d think so anyway.

My suggestion for a board replacement: Kevin Mitnick.

Keyworth acknowledged being a source of information in a January article by one of nine reporters whose phone records were obtained in an HP media leak probe.

“I was frequently asked by HP corporate communications officials to speak with reporters — both on the record and on background — in an effort to provide the perspective of a longstanding board member with continuity over much of the company’s history,” he said.

Keyworth said HP’s leaders praised his comments as helpful and said he believed the information he provided to a reporter were in the best interest of the company. He said he did not believe the information he disclosed was confidential or damaging.

  1. ty says:

    Mr. John Dvorak. My girlfriend wants to have your child.

  2. Lars says:

    Dvorak was wrong, dvorak was wrong!

  3. Dave says:

    Maybe Dunn should be hired to locate Osama bin Laden.

    Kenworth shouldn’t have been forced to resign. What is wrong with outing the inner woekings of the BOD?

    Maybe all board meetings should be video taped for shareholder review. Most boards are filled with egotistical fools

  4. Pfkad says:

    Everything I read says Dunn lost her job as chairperson, though she’ll stay on the board. Dvorak was right as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Curmudgen says:

    John, my hero, this time your feet are made of clay. BUT, if #1’s girlfriend changes her mind, mine will gladly fill in.

  6. Ballenger says:

    from CNN…

    “HP Chairman Patricia Dunn will leave her post after the company’s Jan. 18 board meeting and will be succeeded by chief executive Mark Hurd, the computer and printer company said Tuesday. Dunn will stay on as a director”

    “HP’s stock rose 2 percent after Tuesday’s announcement. ”

    not from CNN…

    Remember when letting a sneaky little shit run a company was a bad thing?

  7. Jägermeister says:

    Remember when letting a sneaky little shit run a company was a bad thing?

    We’re currently experiencing one running a superpower. Does that count?

  8. sdf says:

    Apparently, conniving scumbag = job security


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