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Will Bush be all-time most disliked President? He’s got a good shot. — This site outlines the possibilities. Needs updating. There is plenty of time for Bush to accomplish this goal. He’s competitive, I know he can do it.

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found by Aric Mackey via Prof. and demographics expert Steven Ruggles

  1. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    Nixon did some great things. Then he blew it all by spying on Americans. If Watergate never happened, or even never came to light, Nixon would be regarded as one of the better Presidents in History.

    Carter is far from a poor President. His greatest problems was the national hangover from the Nixon / Watergate problems. At that point in History, Congress was flexing its muscle and won. When Reagan won, it was not by much. Since 1980, Carter has been a true statesman. It is really too bad his contemporary, Gerald Ford, is the actual opposite and probably the worse President since Buchannan.

  2. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    I am still trying to think of one accomplishment that Bush managed. This “Great Uniter” has polarized this country more then at any time since the Civil War. To pass major legislation, such as the Patriot Act or Iraq War, he had to resort to subterfuge and lies. His medicare reform benefits the rich at the expense of the poor. He has hurt Americans so the Health industry may continue to steal us blind. He promised help to those injured by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, only to forget what he promised.

    With the help of Karl Rove, Bush and his buddies have created a new low in politics. From the slandering of John McCain in 2000, Max Cleland in 2002, John Kerry in 2004, and a whole lot of politicians in 2006, Bush has shown what little ethical fortitude he has.

    Bush is the worst President in American history.

  3. curmudgen says:

    James, the boss just said you are deluded and babblig and I have to go along with him. Get a new script, the old one is the same bullshit not brilliance. Now back to the issue at hand Read #34 for substance

  4. Dave says:

    In the interest of staying on topic, I don’t think his approval will ever fall below 30% which roughly represents the number of his hardcore supporters. They will stay with him until the bitter end due to the fact that their views have no foundation in reality. In spite of the overwhelming evidence that his policies have been catastophic failures, they have supported him and will continue to do so because they do not use facts, logic, and reason in the formation of their views. I think there are several sub-groups within that 30% broken down as follows:

    ‘Earth is only 6000 years old’ wackos: 6%
    ‘Founding fathers intended a Christian theocracy’ wackos: 6%
    ‘No taxes or regulation ever’ wackos: 6%
    ‘We don’t have to prove they did anything to execute them’ wackos: 6%
    ‘He doesn’t have to abide by any laws or the constitution’ wackos :6%

    They have faith. The rest of us use facts, logic, and reason to form an opinion and that’s why we don’t get it and never will.

  5. Mister Mustard says:

    >>By comparison with his predecessors, he comes off well.

    That’s it. You MUST be drunk.

  6. AB CD says:

    Yes I’m saying there is no connection. Even David Corn has admitted that Armitage was the leaker, and he was not part of the neo-con Iraq cabal.

  7. J says:

    Roc Rizzo

    Why do Republicans hate America?
    Why do you hate America?
    Why do you want to destroy the constitution?
    Why do you hate minorities?
    Why do you love terrorists so much that you do what they want you to do?
    Why do you hate freedom so much?

    Two can play your game. Quit being a putz!

  8. Most hated president to me.

  9. Frank IBC says:

    Why do you hate minorities?

    This statement has no basis in reality, J. Along with the rest, of course.

  10. J says:

    From the things you post here on a regular basis would say all of my questions are pertinent.

  11. AB CD says:

    Mr/ Fusion, if those are your examples of a new low in politics then you really need to read up on those old campaigns.

  12. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    #43, Mr/ Fusion, if those are your examples of a new low in politics then you really need to read up on those old campaigns.
    Comment by AB CD — 9/16/2006 @ 9:14 pm

    So you endorse telephoning voters and suggesting that these fine men fathered illegitimate black children, or are traitors, or didn’t deserve the medals they won, or are not paying taxes? Are you suggesting these things actually happened? AB CD, you really need to get a life.

    Bushes Administration didn’t invent sleaze and slander. Andrew Jackson had more then enough to do with that. He did bring it back into vogue though. And to a new low.

  13. AB CD says:

    I’m saying it”s not a new low.

  14. J says:

    AB CD

    Why do you hate America so much?

  15. Sounds The Alarm says:

    AB CD

    I’d like to know that too. Why DO you hate America and American troops?

    And the poor and working people?

    Why Why Why?

  16. Sounds The Alarm says:

    AB CD

    Also – why do you beat your wife and dog too? And the kids – God please can you spare the kids?

  17. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    AB CD,

    I too would like to know why you hate America.

  18. The only question in my mind is will the Democrat’s incompetency be able to beat the Republican’s idiocy?


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