These clowns give real animal lovers a bad name.

Animal activists free 15,000 farmed fish to their deaths

POLICE have warned fish farmers to increase their security after 15,000 halibut were released from their cages in an attack believed to have been carried out by animal rights activists.

Thousands of dead fish are being washed up along the west coast of Scotland after the raid at Kames Marine Fish Farm, near Oban. The perpetrators are thought to have attacked last week. Detectives believe that the attack could be linked to a spate of other farm attacks throughout the country. The letters ALF (Animal Liberation Front) were spray-painted near by.

The fish farmer, who did not wish to be identified, said: “They claim they liberated them into the sea but sadly, as we all know, farmed animals, whether they are fish or any animals, don’t survive unless they are looked after.

  1. Bryan says:

    All people know that animals must be looked at – but some people do things just for the halibut — ZING!!!

  2. acree says:

    how ironic. I guess they’d rather see the fish dead than on a farm. Personally I think the best place for yummy fish is in my stomach.

  3. Mike says:

    There is something fundamentally wrong with equating human rights with so-called animal “rights” and I have yet to figure out why these nuts haven’t figured this out.

  4. gtkwatkins says:

    If we’re not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

  5. dan says:


    Isn’t one of the ideas of fish farming to preserve the wild population of fish in their native habitats along with ending issues like accidentlally snaring those cute dofins and such? brainless hippies.

  6. tallwookie says:

    #4 – lol, good one!!!

  7. GotoDengo says:

    Do these people really think fish are aware that they’re trapped in a farm, wistfully dreaming about flipping through open streams? Other than that they get fed pretty well, pretty often, I don’t think fish are aware of much of anything. Rebels without a clue.

  8. uteck says:

    Now is time for everyone to join PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals.

  9. Sounds The Alarm says:

    PETA – assholes

    I mean the other PETA

  10. Mr. Neocon Fusion says:

    I’m reminded of a scene from the first Mork and Mindy show. Robin Williams, at his finest, played an alien who crash landed on Earth. In his naivety, he picks up an egg and lightly tosses it in the air while shouting
    “Fly, you’re free”
    Only to have the egg fall and break in a frying pan.

  11. Mark T. says:

    HAHAHA! I love it!

    Now those PETA whackos have to live with the fact that THEY killed those 15,000 fish. I hope they are wallowing in self-loathing right now.

  12. Jägermeister says:


    It’s not PETA, but some idiots calling themselves ALF… probably a bunch of vegans.

  13. ZeOverMind says:

    Oops, Uh, they weren’t trying to free farmed fish, it was an attempt to feed all the starving wildlife in the area. Ya that’s right. Thats what they were trying to do. Honest

  14. Max Exter says:

    Just to be totally fair, not all vegans are militant. My wife hates PeTA & the ALF as much as anybody. She has her own personal philosophy but won’t throw it at others. She does feel quite strongly about animal rights, volunteers at our local shelter, etc.

    Point being, just because a group happens to be composed of people with a particular philosophy doesn’t mean that it represents that group as a whole.

    – me –

  15. 0113addiv says:

    17. If you’re buried after you die, the maggots are going to feast ON YOU.

  16. Shane L. says:

    Very good point #17.

  17. Sounds The Alarm says:


    ALF is PETAs terrorist arm

  18. meetsy says:

    ALF and PETA are the same frustrated females and the men who want to boink them….
    What next, freeing cows?

  19. Mike Voice says:

    You’d think they would have learned from the group that released minks from a mink farm – only to have the minks decimate the local wildlife.

    Who’da thunk such cute, soft little critters are predators??? 🙂

  20. Angel H. Wong says:

    This reminds me about something similar happening in Europe, some dumbasses did the unthinkable and set free more thana quarter of a million american minks into the wild.

    The results? while the vast majority died, a few not only to survive but to prosper and since american minks are sturdier because they have to deal with those 6+ months of HORRIBLE CANADIAN WINTER, they manage to even drive the european mink to the brink of extinction.

    Honestly, I’d rather eat a mutant taco made out of monstanto corn than eat ORGANIC CORN THAT HAS BEEN RAISED AFTER CLEARING VIRGIN LAND since there’s no point in eating organic if you’re going to screw the land anyway.

  21. Clyde says:

    Hmmm…sounds like a bunch of whiny, guilt-ridden meat eaters on your site, John. I’m quite surprised. I bet these same folks who have cats and dogs as pets (never thinking to eat them) support the worthless slaughter of 1,000,000,000 animals/year for public consumption in the US. They (and you) proudly joke about the “loonies” (the fringe movement – basically criminals) who killed probably 0.000001% of animals held against their will, while thousands of animal rights groups, include Peta,, educate the public about this mistreatment on animals and would never hurt an animal. I guess following your logic, the US is a terrorist organization, since it’s destroying two countries (ignoring the fact that the US is probably the safest place in the world to live).

  22. Balbas says:

    “… held against their will” assumes the animals would rather not cohabitate with humans. Most animals, raised in captivity from birth, regard humans as members of their family and will react accordingly when separated from those members. It’s utterly fantastic to assume that, for one example, dogs are contemplating life without central heating, soft pillow-like beds, and juicy hunks of meat scooped from a can with the occasional maple-smoked bacon scrap at the breakfast table.


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