A German woman won a lawsuit against a “love witch” who failed to induce her ex-boyfriend to come back with rituals under the full moon designed to cast a spell over him, a Munich court said Monday.

“The witch lost,” said Munich district court spokeswoman Ingrid Kaps. The ‘love witch’ was ordered to return her 1,000 euro ($1,300) fee and pay “several hundred euros” in costs.

“The plaintiff was in despair after her boyfriend left and tried to get him to return with help from a woman who calls herself a ‘love witch’,” she added. “The court has ruled it was a service that was ‘objectively impossible’ to render.”

The witch disputed the plaintiff’s claim of a money-back guarantee, Kaps said.

Too bad we haven’t similar backbone in U.S. courts — so we might sue over the snake oil adverts in TV.

  1. Eideard says:

    I really like Retro Witches. 🙂

  2. rctaylor says:

    Most people who paid for such a service would be too embarrassed to haul it into court.

  3. tallwookie says:

    yeah, they’re a dying breed

  4. Todd Henkel says:

    Not sure about where you all live, but here some of those “snake oil adverts” on TV include the lawyers or firms promising to get you the most money from whomever did you wrong…

  5. KB says:

    How about letting families sue when a loved one is told that he/she has been “healed in the matchless name of Jesus” and then later dies of the very affliction in question. How many people have walked out of a healing service abandoning thoughts of medical treatments because they have been told they have been healed.

    Yes, they should know better, but being gullible is no crime. When someone on stage offers healing, however, you can bet that he knows better. And he should pay a price.

    Courts should be able to cut through the b.s. “Evangelists” like to deny responsibility by saying that they don’t have all the answers and, after all, NEVER claimed to heal anyone (“God does the healing.”) Fine. Let them tell it to the jury.

  6. Timbo says:

    I had to deal with a case where a woman was dying of a strange heart failure and her husband had left her. The doctors said the outer lining of her heart was inflamed, crushing her heart. When I asked Jesus what was going on, He said it was a woman who had won over the husband with love spells and was killing the wife with curses.

    I quietly got rid of all demons on all three of them. The wife recovered completely in a couple of days. The husband came back the next week, apologizing profusely. After he had apologized enough, she took him back.

    Several months later, the wife got a letter from the adulteress, apologizing for any problems she had caused.

    Without a Christian, the adulteress would have won.

  7. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    #6, Timbo

    Your story reminds me of some very serious stomach pains I had. I spent a few minutes in the can and felt a lot better. The wife and kid refused to come back into the house so I watched the Indy Colts win another one in peace.

  8. Mr. H. Fusion says:

    #7, I forgot to say-
    “Praise the Lord”


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