Meatballs blamed in positive drug test | – Houston Chronicle

A detective suspended after testing positive for drugs says his wife served him meatballs spiked with marijuana because she wanted to keep him out of harm’s way by forcing him into retirement.

That’s one spicy meat-a-ball!

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The recipe I suspect the woman used. Everything in on the net! Cripes.

  1. Improbus says:

    Meatballs? He should have said she put it in “baked” goods.

  2. Mark says:

    I’m more interested in purchasing a Meatball Magic machine. Hey John, where can I get one?

  3. Danilo says:


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  4. Jimmy says:

    She did it ’cause she loved him!

  5. ChrisMac says:

    stop teasing.. if you know where to get the “good” stuff..
    post a link

  6. Good job he didn’t eat a poppy seed cake afterwards.

  7. Cognito says:

    I would imagine that steroids might be a problem too.

  8. tallwookie says:

    Hey #3…. In 5 years nobody will be reading newspapers, cuz ya’ll be bankrupt – unless you could figure out a way to make plastic biodegradable newspapers – then all the yuppies will buy em and drive your sales back up.

    as far as the article goes, im in agreeance w/ #2 but the “4 Pasta Forks Included” thing is kinda sketchy


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