DailyTech – Hitachi Brain Interface Allows Users to Control Model Trains — Wonder what happens when you have to reboot?

Hitachi has reportedly created and successfully tested an interface that allows users to turn a power switch on and off by using their brain only English. Optical topography, a neuroimaging technique which measures the changes in blood hemoglobin concentration in parts of the brain responsible for mental activity, is utilized with Hitachis brain-controlled interface. Any significant changes monitored in the brain blood flow is then translated into voltage signals that are used for activating the model trains power switch.

Think of the possibilities.

Found by Sergio Gasparrini

  1. Mike Voice says:

    Think of the possibilities.

    Think of The Fury 🙂


    When Amy Irving’s character flips that model train right off the tracks…

  2. @$tr0Gh0$t says:

    The interesting thing is going to be when you can actually get feedback directly into your brain.
    Welcome to the true virtual world.

  3. Peter Rodwell says:

    This is for wimps! Let’s see them controlling REAL trains!

  4. @$tr0Gh0$t says:

    This gives a whole new definition to the ‘dead man’s switch’.

  5. tallwookie says:

    yeah this is neat tech – saw it yesterday though – http://www.pinktentacle.com (japaneese tech site, in english tho)

  6. John Paradox says:

    Now, how long before this is on the Daily Giz Wiz?


  7. James Hill says:

    I’ll buy one.

    Side note: Like most technologies, the first uses of this type of thing will be pornography related. Just watch…

  8. WokTiny says:

    why not connect a few wires to a few underutilized nerves (like the ones controlling our little toes) and let our brains learn the results of sending signals down those?

    seems to me one could get more refined control than the compared brain blood flow monitoring.

  9. Angel H. Wong says:

    Ghost in the shell.

  10. airwhale says:

    Never saw a tech gadget in more desperate need of an industrial designer in my life. /airwhale

  11. @$tr0Gh0$t says:

    This could have great applications for handicapped people, enabling the creation of machines that would allow a more natural reaction and movement from artificial limbs.

  12. DeLeMa says:

    Oh geeze, an unabashed self plug here Smartalix ?
    Ok, I read the intro, and since you added the link here, you win a free opinion from the worlds greatest sci-fi critic…I like the writing and premise but, I think the character names are a bit weak.
    I noted from an earlier thread that a certain person learned a few things about a particular brand of philosophy from reading Robert Heinlein, I did as well, along with Isaac Asimov and many, many others. I note some similarities ?
    Just got home from work and am tired but, to all who may stumble through here : May you enjoy all the fruits of sacrifice so many have given to us and may you know a moment of peacefull pleasure from eating the bounty many of us enjoy on Thanksgiving. I think I’m just gonna get drunk again this year….lol…even if it makes no sense to anyone..my thanks to all of you…

  13. Smartalix says:

    All self-plugs should be unabashed! As for the names, I would say what the characters do is more important than what they are called, and funky names distract from the story. Having said that, I’d like to know what you think is weak about them, email me @yahoo.com.


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