“This age progression is the result of applying basic aging trends to one of Michael Jackson’s childhood pictures. It is not meant to be a definitive result.”

The second photo is approximately what he should have looked like at age 45. Just a tad different than he looks today. The website this is from also has an image of what he would have looked like at age 70. There are also other examples of using this software — normally used in forensic situations — in different ways on photos of other famous people such as Marilyn Monroe, David Letterman and my favorite, Jessica Simpson.

  1. AB CD says:

    That’s not even close. Shouldn’t they have started around Thriller time?

  2. Angel H. Wong says:

    That looks like the black guy that ALWAYS dies on EVERY Sony movie 😉

  3. Gregory says:

    So this is if he:

    a) didn’t have a skin condition
    b)Put on weight.
    c) Got his nose broken
    d)Had his eyes move closer together for no reason.

    Sorry.. but thats pretty lame.

  4. Dr.G says:

    Thats great. Do they have a reverse method we could use to see what he would have looked like at 15 given his current state?


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