If you haven’t checked out the “Look Around You” Series, here’s a start.

  1. ECA says:

    Hichhikers to the rescue…

  2. james hatsis says:

    One of my favorite series… revived again in the eighties and then copied (in concept) by the series Brainiac.. Good un for all!

  3. Stu Mulne says:

    Looks like Monty Python lives, too….

    My daughter had a math class when she was about 8 that could have been designed by the same guys. Most of the textbook consisted of problems to be solved for homework with little or not explanatory text in the book. (Like a dozen ways to do an average with and without half-cent roundups or rounddowns, etc.) I questioned the teacher who apologized. “We have to use that book, and we have to explain that stuff in class….” No answer for “what happens if you or the student is off sick?”


  4. Max Bell says:

    Whoa. Ironic that I got half way through this before I became convinced this was intended solely as satire.

    Thing of it is, I’m one of those people who’s fascinated by identifying the logical symbolism inherent in something as mundane as the different ways there are of lacing shoes and how someone determines the method they ultimately use. However artificial, it’s still the basis of all epistemology outside of theology.

    Consider how often aristotillian logic gets trashed in AI theory for it’s inability to account for lateral thinking and inductive leaps, though. Any claims of certainty are generally dismissed with the same prejudice and dogma as any religious fundamentalist might be expected to respond with.

    Contrast that with the damage wrought by pseudo-science employed by creationists in the effort to “debunk” evolution, however, when at the root of it, the effort must, by necessity, overlook the fact that were it possible to repudiate the theory all together it would still provide no evidence to support creationism.

    At both ends of the spectrum one finds people groping blindly towards supernatural mysticism in an effort to comprehend objective reality and overlooking the fact that they’d starve to death if they weren’t connecting with it effortlessly.

    Finding myself unable to abstract in certain ways such that I’ve gone out of my way to avoid learning to play chess and expose the deficiency, is almost enough to leave me sitting in a corner and babbling about design. Sometimes, though, it’s harder to laugh at one’s self than they’d prefer…

  5. rctaylor says:

    Max, I’m proud to present you with a Masters for that thesis. Consider us for your PhD. 🙂

  6. stew says:

    Max. Thank you for thinking of all that, and putting it down for us. And ECA that was my first thought too. On the whole a good way to learn.

  7. BgScryAnml says:

    Well, that clears up the 2006 election.

  8. Max Bell says:

    5 – 6: This post is probably the best argument against bias I could offer.

    It ridiculed my spirituality so utterly I couldn’t watch the whole thing. 😀

  9. Moi says:


    Your post made my head hurt. …..But….In a good way I guess. 😀


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