Haven’t done a tabloid-worthy post this week, so here goes. The Mars Anomaly Research website is devoted to the premise that the government is deliberately tampering with photos from the two Mars rovers (yes, they’re still going years after they were supposed to have shut down) and from satellites overhead to prevent the public from seeing the vast quantities of evidence of life on the Red Planet. For example, the photo of the skull above has been tampered with the obscure “that this being or statue representation of a being included a suit of some kind with objects on either side of the neck at the lapel areas.”

Remember, the Truth is Out There and the government doesn’t want you to find out. Either that or they’ve found Jimmy Hoffa.

  1. Hal Jordan says:

    that’s the same set as the moon landing found in area 51 and the skull belongs to one of the workers who were silenced, permanently.

  2. Hal Jordan says:

    oh and how gullible would you be to believe that mars looks red from afar because it has a red soil? The earth looks blue in space, but do you have a blue soil? Get a cup of seawater, is it blue?

  3. sdf says:

    Human my ass — that’s clearly the remains of a 21B medical droid

  4. Lee says:

    Either of those heads is more likely to be a corroded android head than a human skull, given the harsh conditions present in either location, so 35 might be as good as the rock theory, without further investigation.

  5. joshua says:

    I think we need to all go and look for ourselves.

  6. raj4encoders says:

    Who’s skull is this?Is it a human’s skull or an alien’s? Human’s skull don’t have noses.That looks like a rock well carved out.Seems u people are playing alien games!

  7. Mike Abundo says:

    Looks like Megatron.

  8. hawkeye666 says:

    #6…Excellent reference!

  9. jason says:

    39 – MAN that would be a really kewl movie promo… release a dubious story about an android head found on Mars… which just so happens to be where the new Transformers movie begins.


  10. Angel H. Wong says:

    Bureaucracy at work, chances are that they filmed the lunar landing hoax on mars 😉

  11. Mike Abundo says:

    41: Come to think of it, Jason, Megs is the kind of guy who’d lose his head on some cold barren planet. 😉

  12. jepoy says:

    looks like a stormtrooper :~)

  13. Hector says:

    This site has better proof. More android heads.


  14. Bill says:

    I think it is a hoax, but I still have an open mind about the evolution on Mars. It could possibly be a shattered human skull placed surrounded by rocks. Who knows? Maybe a very very extremely amazing person with a computer tampered with a photo of Mars. There could have been a thousand things done to a photo. Or there could quite possibly be life on Mars…….

  15. Kre says:

    This looks more like a helmet to me……the helmets used by the clone army in the movie Star Wars……Vader shoul be around there as well 🙂

  16. Nikhil Kumar Sharma says:

    I think this is not a skull this is only a magic of geometry, lighting and shades. but we can’t leave it in this way. we have to do some researches on this to clear the mystery. Because this is the chance by which we can know our past. The past of humans.

  17. RushingThe FutureToSolve OurPast says:

    BRAND NEW INFO NEVER REVEALED its not just a skull an alien was buried there if you look at it you can see the dirt in front of the skull looks like a mini alien body so everyone please check that out

  18. curious2 says:

    Well i believes Gods creative powers do go to the extremes of space. So there for there is a possibility of life everywhere.
    Looking at the recent photos from Phoenix i see to very curious objects. The first one looks like a crude face carved on stone on lowers left side of picture with some kind of oranament on right side, even has contours of a chest buried in dirt. The other is the very shiny tall and leaning object to the far right of picture close to the horizon. Looking under 600X magnification it looks like a giant bowling pin, and it looks like some some one may have inserted it,( but i don’t know.) As it has mottled appearence around it like heat waves.
    Its on Nasa’s most recent Phoenix pictures of mars.
    Any opinions?.

  19. Richard says:

    Is there really life on other planets? I say yes!

    Well ask yourself theses questions..

    1. How big do you believe the universe is?
    My answer. I think it continues, and it’s never ending…

    2. How many planets do you think there are?
    My answer. Well, because of question 1, I think there are unlimited planets.. Both growing and exploding…

    3. How many different life forms are there on Earth?
    My answer. A LOT!!

    If you think about how big the universe actually is, and how many life forms we have here on this earth, surely that means there are plenty more species of different life forms out there somewhere eh?

    Dead or Alive, there must be!


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