Merry Christmas. Ho-ho-ho

Ananova – Christmas shoppers beat up Santa — The good old Christmas spirit.

A department store Santa on his way home for the night was beaten up by stressed-out Christmas shoppers in Germany.Stefan Stettler, 31, from Wiesbaden, was still in character and chatting to other passengers while waiting for his train home. Police say two men, allegedly stressed after a full day’s Christmas shopping, lost their patience when asked to “tell Santa what they want for Christmas”.

The men took Stettler’s sack of presents and beat him over the head with it, breaking his fingers as he tried to protect himself.

found by Aric Mackey

  1. Andy says:

    I hope they get coal this christmas

  2. edwinrogers says:

    Santa knows whose been naughty and whose been nice.

  3. dugger says:

    Sour Krauts?

  4. jaded says:

    Ooohhooh, I’ve been there alright… good angry consumer, GOOD – let it all out…. Santa’s the reason you’re working double-shifts this year; it’s payback time.
    There’s a “happy slapping” video I’d watch.

  5. Smartalix says:

    Just when you think Germans are ok…

  6. says:

    #3… love a good pun this time of year.

    However, like a good third of the posts here on DU, it’s probably exagerrated or bogus, probably from the NY Post/Page 6 of Germany.

  7. Bully says:

    This guy got “divided by zeros”. haha

  8. tallwookie says:


    Additionally, was this east germany or west germany?

  9. sdf says:

    #8, a kid from 1989 called, he wants his textbook back

  10. RTaylor says:

    #9 many former residents of the BDR still look down their noses at their brethren from the former GDR.

  11. #6 HEY! There are a few bogus posts now and again. BUT NOT A THIRD!!! Maybe 1 out of 20

  12. KB says:

    Ananova never lies. 🙂

  13. joshua says:

    Excellant pun #3

  14. mecca says:

    they better get coal for christmas that is just plain mean i cant wait for them to see what they get for christmas it would be pretty funny


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