Citizenship Up In Air For Baby Born In Flight

Is a baby born on a flight to the U.S. a U.S. citizen?

Officials say that depends.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said a child born in airspace over American territory is eligible for citizenship.

A 7-pound, 8-ounce girl was born Wednesday onboard a Mexicana Airlines flight from Guadalajara, Mexico, to Chicago. The birth took place about an hour before the plane landed at O’Hare International Airport.

The Citizenship and Immigration spokeswoman said that if the parents want to pursue citizenship for their daughter, they’ll have to file an application.

Then officials would investigate whether the child was born in Mexican airspace or over international waters.

An obstetrician on board helped with the delivery. The 42-year-old mother was traveling with her husband and two other children to visit relatives in Milwaukee.

A hospital spokeswoman said mother and daughter are doing fine.

  1. Named says:

    Can I just mention that the parents were on a flight to Chigaco? Not stuffed in a minivan seat. They obviously cleared customs, had tickets and were not one of the 6 billion people on the TSA watch list.

    19. True. But you don’t have to watch a child birth from the porno crotch level to help. You can view everything from above, so to speak.

  2. Steph says:

    wisconsin pops into the news in the WEIRDEST ways, i swear.

  3. Uncle Dave says:

    #23: Having grown up in Wisconsin, there were certainly times I would have to agree. Of course a state that produced people like Jeffery Dahmer (who lived one street over from the road I used to take to get to work every day) to Ed Gein who inspired both the movies Psycho (for wearing the skins of his female victims) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre is bound to be interesting.

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