Google News Headlines Well Over 24 Hours After the Execution

A sweet thought: Saddam buried first, to be hanged later. :-)

Finding a way to weed out no-longer-relevant developments of breaking stories would be a huge improvement. But HOW does one do that?

  1. Jägermeister says:

    I’m sure some Mid East spin master can make a resurrection out of this… hey, it worked 2000 years ago…

  2. TJGeezer says:

    LA Times on the delayed story, can’t tell what the source was below that. Can you imagine the firestorm if Google tried to prioritize or even grade the relevancy of the news stories their ‘bots link us to? And they’d deserve every bit of flak they caught, if they tried that.

  3. Haywood Jablome says:

    Irony – he ended up being a swinger at death as well as life.

  4. tallwookie says:

    LOL #1 – good one!!

  5. Chris Mac says:

    I’m looking forward to the day google stock goes into freefall..
    Anyone else?

  6. Mr. Fusion says:



  7. Jägermeister says:


    As long as MS follows. 😉


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