For some unknown reason Eagles free safety Brian Dawkins took this leaping jump before tackling the NY Giant ball carrier. Troy Aikman said, “I wonder what that was about.” It was weird to see. I couldn’t resist the screen capture.

  1. Hoamer says:

    ha! my brother and i were thinking the same thing (huge Iggles fans) but then again, brian dawkins is always flying around the ball.

  2. RonD says:

    Angels in the red zone maybe? 🙂

  3. no one important says:

    You almost always see defenders stick one arm out in order to try to force a fumble, but you don’t see that Dawkins move every day. I liked it. BTW, it was Troy Aikman on commentary 🙂

  4. Dimension says:

    Of course Troy Aikman doesn’t recognize what that is, he is a lousy, stinkin’, former Cowboys quarterback. That my friend is a defensive desire to kill or maim the guy with the ball in an attempt to get the ball. No quarterback could understand such an animalistic desire. After all a quarterback is a defensive players main course.. This is Brian Dawkins double handed, jumping, cougar like attempt to swat a fly, otherwise known as a wide reciever.


  5. tallwookie says:

    Dude, its the Eagles – THE EAGLES…. He probably saw a fish creeping through the astro-turf and tried to swoop down on it all quiet like…

  6. Greg Allen says:

    This seems like the kind of showboating move that looks really great when it works, but highly ridiculous when it fails.

    If NY guy just zigs a little, doesn’t Brian Dawkins come crashing down on the field like a bird at a Dick Cheney caged-release shoot?

  7. BillM says:

    Jeez, Greg, you can’t even comment on a crazy football story without taking a cheap shot at a Republican. Hate must be so hard to live with. Did it ever occur to you to refer to the dead duck in the staged Kerry duck hunt? Man…get a life!

  8. sagrilarus says:

    The man is a big Clarence Williams III fan. Too many Mod Squad reruns will do that to you.

  9. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    My ten-year old son and I saw that, and I suggested that he try it next fall. The better play was Shockey losing his helmet and going forward anyway. Wouldn’t football be a lot more fun with 50’s era helmets?

  10. Rob Nee says:

    Ack! I read this blog (for one thing) to get AWAY from thinking about how horrible the Giants are…

  11. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Rob…at least you’ve won a couple playoff games in the last four decades.

    Fire Millen.

    That is all.

  12. Mucous says:

    He’s just tryin’ to kill him is all…

    In Heinlein’s “Beyond This Horizon”, there’s a reawakened guy from the past who’s getting Football reintroduced into the society. The future marketing guys decide the game won’t catch on unless the rules are changed to make it likely that there’s at least one death per “engagement”.

  13. Mr.Kruger says:

    B-Dawk aka Weapon X as his comic book super hero persona comes alive!!

    Go IGGLES!

  14. Greg Allen says:

    #8 Jeez, Greg, you can’t even comment on a crazy football story without taking a cheap shot at a Republican. Hate must be so hard to live with.

    I don’t hate Cheney — but I’m still appalled at the those “caged release” slaughters he participates in. I wasn’t aware of them until Cheney.

    Getting drunk and shooting tame birds with a $15,000 designer shotgun has became a metaphor in my mind for the privileged class.

  15. Dadofamunky says:

    Dawkins almost missed the receiver he was tackling, did you notice? If they hadn’t been next to the sideline, the receiver might have busted the tackle. He definitely did not wrap the guy up the way he wanted to. Flew right over the guy’s right shoulder. Bad technique, in my opinion. :)~

  16. JILL says:


  17. kevin says:

    Did any of you guys even see the play? Dawkins came from behind the reciever and dove to catch up to him. How many times do you see a defensive player dive from behind at a guys legs and miss. Also Dawkins tackled the reciever, so to the guy that said that he was lucky that they were at the sideline, WATCH THE PLAY. Dawkins talked him and would have regardless of where the sideline is. Dawkins is the best saftey in the NFL right now and arguebly of all time, so give him some credit.
    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!


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