This is the Whiffle machine. A story below outlines its history. It was at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco yesterday. I shot this with the Kodak V610 and each time the Whiffle came out of the machine it overloaded the mic with a loud explosion. It took a few seconds for the camera to readjust the sound. Interesting all around

Palo Alto Daily News

Water freezes at 32 degrees, nuclear fusion in stars occurs at 15 million degrees, and wheat kernels expand into Whiffles at 297 degrees.

The latter reaction at present takes place only in San Mateo, where the countrys sole Whiffle machine has been puffing out 19-calorie wheat snacks for the last three weeks inside a local grocery store.

“This is good stuff — its light. It tastes like a Rice Krispie, but better,” said Joey Cocchi, who stocks Budweiser at the San Mateo Mollie Stones market.

The Whiffle machine is the linchpin of Food Tree, the business started by 27-year-old local entrepreneur Tal Levy-Chen just a few months ago.

“I went on a trip around the world and saw this machine in Europe. I decided to bring it over here because I thought Americans would appreciate it,” said Levy-Chen, who emigrated from Israel to teach dance in New York six years ago.

  1. IJC says:

    COmpletely of the topic.

    But is the cagematch down, I can’t access it?

  2. Higghawker says:

    John, Did you try one? I mean, how many chances in your lifetime can you say you had a whiffle?

  3. jbellies says:

    In the vid, it looks like a tortilla, but the essence of the description is that of Wheat Puffs, a breakfast cereal which used to be sold by the cubic foot. I could not help thinking of Stan Freberg’s skit: Bang Gungleigh, US Marshall Field, sponsored by Puffed Grass. Consonant with the idea of the product getting into the story line, the hero says something like “I can’t start my day without shooting myself a bowl … full of Puffed Grass.” At the factory, Puffed Grass is shot out of a hi-tech cannon, but Bang Gunleigh uses a shot gun.

  4. Named says:

    If the presenter wants me to show her my hot and fast expulsion, I’m down for it!

  5. tallwookie says:

    Yeah Ive had those – but i was raised a vegan, and have had the misfortune to eat all kinds of weird veggie food. The weirdest is setan (wheat gluten poured into a mold, and then left alone untill it sets – its is **awful**).

  6. Carlos Moll says:

    6 seconds per = 10 per minute x 60 minutes = 600 per hour, not one hundred as she stated.

  7. RUTHMARY says:

    I’ve yet to see the machine producing them…but a friend served them with an olive tapanad…delicious. Hmmm are they actually good for you? Tastes better than greasy chips.

  8. Willard Scott says:

    Where can I buy this machine?


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