Joost Sucks
A Review by John C. Dvorak

Yahoo blogger Robin Raskin can’t be serious with this review of Joost. Just listen to this analysis from Raskin: “Joost will let you do some very cool things like watch a show and rate it or chat about it.” Holy crap Batman, sign me up!! You can watch!? You can chat!?! How novel!

This fawning, nee pathetic, commentary just gets worse and totally ignores the dark side of the whole deal which is apparently individually targeted ads. How do they do that? Track you like a dog, that’s how.

So I got an invite to Joost (hard to come by) and I checked it out. Two words: It stinks. That simple fact seems to be ignored by all the reviewers.

Oh the technology looks cool enough, but so what? The only content is infomercials for last-gen rock bands with emphasis on Green Day and it’s Hitler Youth-style concerts. There is also some snide punk doing a talk show for kids “who don’t like adults telling them what to watch.” He emphasizes that point incessantly between glances at someone off camera who I assume to be his Dad. And the rest of the programming, if you can call it that, is worse.

Joost also sits in the toolbar and you’ll be doing something else when a mysterious T-Mobile commercial is suddenly heard in the background and Joost activates as a background task. How nice. Nice if you like to be annoyed that is.

These sorts of IPTV initiatives are not about technology, but about content. The founders of Joost are the guys who did Kazaa and Skype. Neither of these things were products or ideas where content was an issue. Kazaa users were trading stuff and with Skype people chat with each other. Joost is about the content not the technology something these guys and Raskin don’t seem to get. They’d better get it soon or this will Joost be a memory.

Want to get a Joost account? Pester them at Good luck.

  1. Nick says:

    I can’t recall the last time something sucked this hard. Lemme see: ridiculous resource hog, slow, crap interface, slow, buggy, slow, crap interface, slow, buggy, etc. Holy crap, it’s crap. It’s really, really, really crap. And after that, it’s crap some more. Everything about Joost screams “morons!” I don’t get it. These are the people who brought us Napster AND Skype? WTF? Did they invest all of their money in crack? Here, Joost, a few clues for you:
    1. Enough of the resource hunger.
    2. Enough of the crap interfece.
    3. It’s 2007. Hello? My graphics card outputs video to my TV and I would like to USE it for watching video.
    4. Why is everything so hard to do with Joost?
    5. While you’re at it, if you’re gonna make me work so damn hard, could I have some content I am actually gonna watch? Thanks a bunch. You guys are heroes!

  2. Matt says:

    Hate to tell you Folk sbut Jon is a total hypocrite and Cranky Geeks is Now On Joost .

    I Invited John to Joost told him that is was still a closed beta and there wasnt much content and he still wrote this piece (With my full name in the original article I asked him to remove ) .

    Well its very amusing to see John on Joost …..wonder if he will ever mention this article …..

  3. Joostsucks says:

    Joost sucks. I just googled Joost sucks and this page was at the top of the list. They need to get their act together or just file for bankruptcy. Stop teasing us… and die.


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