1. Terry says:

    #30 Mr Fusion- 42

  2. Michael G says:

    I am happy she know the words. I sound just as bad as her.

  3. Manitoban says:

    #30 Every last one of us.

  4. Janice says:

    Leave the country? *L* just leave anyway ..don’t wait … I dislike announcements that are never intended to be carried out.

    #18 what it really means is — she’s a showboat

    #7 LOVE IT
    “Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with a female President. There’s a LOT wrong with Hillary as President”

  5. Leanne says:

    Gosh, she didn’t even get the words to our National Anthem right!!! She’s not as smart as a 1st grader!

    I noticed that she didn’t start to sing until the flag was right in front of her …. and when she knew she’d be on camera. Then she puts her hand on her chest and sings as if she’s bored. Going through the motions, no pride in our country.

    No way do I want a president like that. She lost my vote.


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