Guess the Country

BRITISH women have the biggest breasts in Europe, a survey revealed yesterday.

The poll for bra maker Triumph found that only in this country did more than half the women need a D cup or larger.

Here’s the results chart:

Percentage of women wearing cup size: D C B A

UK 57 18 19 6
Denmark 50 19 24 7
Netherlands 36 27 29 8
Belgium 28 28 35 9
France 26 29 38 7
Sweden 24 30 33 14
Greece 23 28 40 9
Switzerland 19 24 43 14
Austria 11 27 51 10
Italy 10 21 68 1

We should send out some field testers to come up with our own numbers. Volunteers?

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  1. Margaret says:

    I am from the US and I say we are fat. And that having big boobs does apply to being overweight, but not in all cases.
    I am 13 years old, 5.3″ and weigh 110lbs and I have a large breast cup for my age, weight, and height. Try D-36.

  2. Kp says:

    I love english girls.I love their blue eyes and amazing sexy legs but they dont have big boobs,i can say the opposite(almost flat)both for the infront(boobs) and for the back(ass).Ofcourse if we are talking about “english” girls who are from africa,then yes….they have huge boobs!!