What lurks in the dark?

Mac users ‘still lax on security’ – news.bbc.co.uk – The BBC is right for once, this is very informative article about the true level of security on Macs.

Kevin Finisterre caused ripples in the Mac community when he started a website in January revealing a different bug in Apple systems each day of the month.

While some observers dismissed the survey, Apple recently issued a patch to plug holes outlined by Finisterre.

Many of the problems highlighted by Finisterre are security holes in applications, which are not related to viruses.

Finisterre said: “Try calling any Apple store and ask any sales rep what you would do with regard to security, ask if there is anything you should have to worry about?
“They will happily reinforce the feeling of ‘Security on a Mac? What? Me worry?’.”

He said that Apple had in the past not been open to dialogue about security matters, but things were changing for the better.

It’s good to see that Apple is finally addressing its security issues, following the example set by Microsoft ( ;) ) in this regard, with an increased focus in offering a more secure computing experience. Now if only the Police agencies around the world would start to hunt down spammers, I would be a happier person.

  1. I am a Mac guy (who runs parallels also) With a quad 3GH/4GB Ram, 30inch/20inch dual display.. I got a 5k Mac rig.. And an iMac and a Mac laptop.. You can view here ..


    Why would I mention all this.. because I’m about to start slamming Apple and Mac..

    The best looking hardware.. YES.. Easiest on the eyes. YES..

    Secure?.. please..

    It’s not secure because the programming tools don’t force security like the new .NET platform. If and when Mac/Apple gains a 20% + market share, and mom n pop programmers start throwing out shareware/apps for this machine.. watch the security take a dumper.. While Windows will continue to get MORE secure.. not even so much because of VISTA, but because of the very mature programming tools available now.

    Also, for those who think Mac is the end all be all.. if you want to get real work done, you’ll have to use windows.. Even the FTP programs available for Mac are a joke.. I mean.. the FTP programs people say are4 so great for Mac suck wind.. I have a bank of servers I host my clients on, and programs like TRANSMIT for ftp on Mac don’t even support TABS so you can’t be logged into multiple servers or on the same server multiple times.. SPOTLIGHT sucks because you can’t add extensions like .ASP for it to search like you can with X1 or Google Desktop.. BBEdit.. while not bad, doesn’t do asp highlighting very well.. there are NO programming tools like .NET 2005.. nothing even close..

    So while Mac is AWESOME for ‘end users’ and people who think editing video and graphics / desktop publishing are some big deal, like they’re ‘BIG TIME’ working, (please) For REAL work.. like Programming for the 95% install base of computers (windows), best be ready to run parallels, boot camp and Windows..

    Mac people… Although the hardware is a thing of beauty (that’s why I use it) OSX and the software available for it isn’t ALL THAT.. (spotlight can’t even search .asp!?!? wow.. why do people thing is so great.? ALL the freeware desktop search apps for windows allow you to specify ANY file type for indexing and searching..)

    See… that’s why I wanted to show I was a MAC guy before the fanbois start tearing into me.. ! 🙂


  2. Brian says:

    haha the smugness of the typical apple user comes to light on this topic every time.

    What you tards need to realize is you are only safe because hackers don’t want to waste time on the 20 or so apple computers out there. If you guys actually had a presence, then trust me, you’d be suffering the same ills as the PC users do, probably worse as you all feel as if your systems are immune to any evil doers.

  3. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    #34 – Brian

    I had forgotten about the impact that clerking in an adult bookstore has had on your already-sketchy reading skillz, so as a kindness, I’ll repeat it here, so you can get someone to read it to you:

    “And before another Win fanboi in denial pops out with the old standby, don’t try selling anyone with half a brain the bullshit idea that no malware author is interested in being the very first to actually loose an OS X virus on the world. What a crock. They are busting their evil little asses to get the worldwide notoriety and cred that such a feat would instantly award them with. As if they give a flying fuck about market share. Ya. Gotta have a room-temperature IQ to believe such buncombe and hogwash. ”

    Hmmm. Room-temperature IQ… who does that remind me of…? Don’t worry, it’s not you, Brian – room temp has one too many digits to quantify the power of your brain cell…

  4. Mark says:

    35. Lauren smug? Nahhh.

  5. Alex M says:

    Apple’s market share won’t attract any unwanted attention from
    black hat community for another 3-5 years. By then it will be
    bussiness as usual – virus checker built in your nice apple box for only 200$ extra. Security wise you just cannot stop users from doing
    stupid things like downloading “free” screensavers etc


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