A company that had a dispute with the former head of the drug administration is now trying to register his name as a brand of rat poison.

Zheng Xiaoyu, who was fired as China’s drug administration chief and remains under investigation for corruption, is now the subject of ridicule as the Shenyang Feilong Pharmaceutical Company has applied to use his name as the trademark for a rat poison and pesticide.

“Corrupt officials have long been denounced as ‘big rats’,” said Jiang Wei, chairman of the pharmaceutical company, while making numerous other derogatory remarks about Zheng, who has yet to be charged with a crime.

Hmm. Not a bad idea.

  1. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    Chinese – Hell, East Asian – society still understands the power of shame and dishonor. They’re also quick to spot possibilities for profitable ventures; maybe they could hold seminars for Republicans and Tories?

  2. Billabong says:

    Bush D.D.T. Kills mosquitos and gets rid of those pesky eagles too.

  3. TJGeezer says:

    I think the TP says it all. Hard to improve on that one.

  4. TheGlobalWarmer says:

    Algore (TM) Suppositories
    Hillary (TM) Enema Bags
    Kerry (TM) Industrial Strength Douche

  5. TJGeezer says:

    4 – Good ones! This is fun.

    Bush™ Cowboy Hats (No Cattle)
    Cheney™ Leak Starting and Cave Digging
    Tony Snow™ Foxy Fiction For Hire

    Nah. Mine are too relevant. Yours are better.

  6. emeryjay says:

    I have some old Jesse Helms toilet paper. Nobody remembers who he is.

  7. Bush made a HUGE mistake w/ this war. Mainly because he forgot what his momma told him. The end doesn’t justify the means..

    And preemtive attack is not what you do to DEFEND yourself, but its what BULLIES do to promote themselves.

    That being said, there is no need for disrespect.


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