Literally going to Hell! Well, literally, say some folks who literally believe in Hell.

Manchester United are a Satan-worshipping football club heading for hell, according to one Christian Group. Scottish Christian Party leader George Hargreaves has called for the Red Devils to repent and change their club crest.

He said: “We will urge Wayne Rooney not to honour the devil by wearing this shirt nor kiss this badge. We will urge Christians to put their money elsewhere than Manchester United and its sponsors of Satanic worship. Repent and put The Cross of Jesus Christ or at least Star of David on your shirts. Manchester can never be United under Satan. Manchester can only be United under the Christian-Jewish God.”

Figured I’d remind folks that American Fundamentalist Christians don’t have the market cornered on wingy-dingys. Sectarian belief systems usually result in True Believers so far out of touch with reality they’re laughable. Often the best way to deal with them.

Thanks, Mister Justin

  1. Jägermeister says:

    Ask any Liverpool supporter if Manchester United supporters will go to hell, and they’ll nod back at you. 🙂

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:

    As one of the most basic purposes of religion is to divide Us from Them thus making it OK to kill Them, I believe we cannot be united under any form of theism. Certainly the judeo-christian-islamic religion (deliberately singular) will never unite our species.

    Perhaps we will all be united if our species can ever get past its ridiculous and delusional mythologies.

  3. uketommyv says:

    This is funny, theres a football club in mexico called “the red devils of toluca”. and people are not b!tchn their name. lame!!

  4. TJGeezer says:

    There’s also a Red Devil vacuum, and a Red Devil hot sauce. U wonder if they’re going to hell with the Manchester Union team. It’ll be clean but spicy. Hmm. When I googled “red devil” it came back with “about 20,500,000” hits. Gonna be crowded down there with those soccer guys.

  5. sheva says:

    bahahahaha I am so going to hell…dang this is some funny stuff

  6. Gary Marks says:

    Apparently someone thinks that neither religion nor soccer are divisive enough separately. Yes, they really should be combined for full effect 😉

  7. Blues says:

    I think the big difference between this guy and the like minded idiots in the US is that this guy only gets press in the UK because it’s funny. He’ll never shake hands with the Prime Minister or be knighted by the Queen.
    In the US he’d have his own TV channel spewing forth 24×7.

  8. Misanthropic Scott says:

    Gary Marks: LOL!

    Blues: Would that be better or worse than our current plethora of televangelists?

    As long as we’re adding teams in the list, there’s an NFL hockey team called the New Jersey Devils. Seinfeld included them on an episode as humor. Otherwise, they don’t get much attention for their name.

  9. Jägermeister says:


    High risk of an OD… 😉

  10. Eideard says:

    Uh, Gary – #6 – the 1st professional football match I attended was an Auld Firm Derby in 1971.

  11. Just Some Dude says:


    Satan is good, Satan is your pal, Satan is good, Satan is your pal, Satan is good, Satan is your pal,…….

  12. Angel H. Wong says:

    Do you guys think the NFL is paying this guy to defame soccer?

  13. TJGeezer says:

    11 – Only if he serves up pints at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco. Which, incidentally, ranks higher at Google than the Manchester Union footballers, with their thousands of misled hellbound fans. How do you tell if that local SF bar listing is a paid position? Anyhow, what I was going to say is that you really ought to learn how to spell “Stan” correctly.

  14. DC Stultz says:

    Of course Manchester United is going to hell. It is now owned by the Glazers, who also ownt the Tampabay Bucs!

  15. Jägermeister says:

    [edited – comment at wrong post]

  16. Oluege says:

    man united is a club and nothins more than that.that they are at the top of the premiership does not mean that they are idol worshipers.where were these critics when man u were no where near the top of the table???????

  17. John S says:

    “Repent and put The Cross of Jesus Christ or at least Star of David on your shirts.” The last time someone asked people to where the Star of David on their shirts it was not a positive thing for the people wearing those shirts. This is what this guy wants his supporters to do. I also like the fact that he said “at least” in regards to this.

    John S


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