CeBIT floor day one

The show opened today to large crowds, although I must admit there wasn’t the crush one would expect at an event of this caliber. Then again, a weeklong event doesn’t have to break records on the first day. I was going to blog this in a linear fashion, but it is so huge I’m going to go by topic. Today let’s follow up on Germany and Russia.

 russian pavilion - CeBIT russian pavilion - CeBIT

The Russians had huge booths in several halls, each manned by squads of young ladies eager to explain how Russia can partner with you in areas from IT to aerospace.


 russia5.JPG russia4.JPG

Considering that Russia’s IT exports grew 80%, and that the Chancellor of Germany emphasized future cooperation targeting research and development as well as regulatory issues and standards. In 2005 Germany shipped over 1.8 billion Euros worth of hardware to Russia. We may soon see Russian computers on American Desks. What irony.

  1. BubbaRay says:

    Say, didn’t we win the space race because our post-WWII Germans were better than Russia’s Germans? (Werner VonBraun I wouldn’t discount either country’s ability to make hardware or software.

    I wonder how many moving parts German computers have…

    That’s a lot of Euros for imports / exports no matter how you look at it.

  2. Danijel says:

    Nice report, Alix. Bring me a picture of the Intel booth…

    As for Russia making computers, we already get all our IBMs from China…

  3. Alix:
    Did you get a chance to play with the Russian Computers?
    Do you know anything about their operating system? Is i a flavor of Linux?
    What do you hope to get out of this show?
    FYI The weathermen are expecting a nor easter here about 12 inches….

  4. James Hill says:

    I’m curious to know if there are any quality concerns with Russian computers based on the poor quality of Soviet-era… well, everything.

    I can see equipment going from Russia to Europe, based on currency values and what not, but I don’t see how Russia can beat out the aformentioned China, and India, when shipping to the U.S.

  5. Will says:

    #3 Also… What’s their architecture? IBM PC architecture? Their own?

  6. smartalix says:


    I guess that’s why their poor-quality computers and spacecraft keep our fraking space station in business, right?

  7. James Hill says:

    #6 – Meanwhile, name one Russian good… other than Vodka… that is considered to be the best in the world.

  8. rick says:

    Why did you guys post that picture of the Russian franken bride?

  9. Smartalix says:


    You can’t even name anyuthing they export besides vodka.

  10. Jägermeister says:



  11. Hey Now,,,
    The Russian woman exported to Brighton beach Brooklyn are beautiful !!

  12. Smartalix says:


    I know you could.


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