Durex has launched its first UK recruitment drive for thousands of condom testers.

The condom maker wants a panel of 5,000 people who are single, married, or in couples to report their experiences of using its condoms and lubricants.

Men and women of all ages, ethnic groups or sexual orientation have been asked to apply on its website.

“The idea is to create a massive panel of testers who can try Durex condoms, have sex and then give us feedback about their experiences – in strictest confidence, of course,” a Durex spokeswoman said.

I wonder how they determine who is qualified? Oh, check out their collection of screensavers.

Thanks, Joshua

  1. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    Why are you posting this story… Aside from me, I can’t imagine that many readers here are in any danger of needing a condom anytime soon. 🙂

  2. Mac Guy says:

    Oh come on… You can make some pretty interesting balloon animals when they’re “ribbed for her pleasure.”

  3. Billabong says:

    Are ya big enuf are ya tuff enuf for a durex condem.Hope you at least get some free condoms for all the screen savers downloaded.BTW No.1 I resent and resemble that remark.

  4. Curly says:

    #1 – Hey, I represent that statement. I’m so insulated.

    Gnuk! Gnuk! Gnuk!

  5. Angel H. Wong says:

    Who wants to be a fluffer?

  6. Danijel says:

    I say this is just an attention grabbing ploy. Noone would take this sort of “research” seriously. This is only a customer satisfaction survey, a normal practice in most companies…

    What I wanna know is who actually visits the Durex site to report on this story?

  7. Ok sign me up!
    The dvorak.org group should follow this closely and conduct a survey of its own.

  8. Brian says:

    Do they all have to be so damn small and fit so tight?

  9. James Hill says:

    I wonder what percentage of that 5000 they have to filter because they always report “Don’t you have anything larger?”

  10. Brian:
    Thier are larger brands for big guys like you.
    Trojan makes a maximum size condom…

  11. Durex XXL Extra Large 20% larger than the average condom!

  12. TJGeezer says:

    Joshua, you have outdone yourself. I’d offer a deep, respectful bow if I weren’t a bit nervous about what the rest of the guys here might do.

  13. C0D3R says:

    I put the “ribbed for her pleasure” ones on inside out.

  14. joshua says:

    #6…Honest…this was a legitimate story on BBC News online. I would never, ever visit such a site on my own. 🙂

    #12…very wise decision….not a smart move to bow in a room full of condom testers.

    My Dad said that the *Help Wanted* ads had certainly changed since he last looked for a job.

  15. aghadilbar says:

    Name: Agha Dilbar [edited: see comments guide]


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