I need a vacation or something. As gregg from JibJab pointed out, I posted the wrong, but just as funny, video earlier. Here’s the right one.

  1. Improbus says:

    This is why I don’t watch the news any more. It is all propaganda or public (or pubic) relations.

  2. gregg says:

    now ya got it! Thanks for re-posting. Great to see our work on Dvorak!

  3. ArianeB says:

    Was wondering what was up, saw this one on another site, and an old one posted here.

    News shows are bad these days, no wonder more people are turning to the Internet for news — on both sides of the political spectrum

  4. Fred Flint says:

    Are you implying I missed seeing Britney’s pussy? Oh, woe is me! Next item…

  5. Alsatia says:

    Meeeeeoooooowwwwww! 😉 Funny, yet true. Sadly!

  6. Matthew says:

    Anyone know what software was used to create this?

  7. 7r09d0r says:

    #6. Adobe Shockwave

    I think they used to use Adobe Flash.

  8. John Paradox says:

    Ah, funny….
    ironically, the News Director at the radio station where I work (and do news/on-air DJ/computer operations) leads EVERY newscast with a Public Service Announcement.
    Have not figured out WHY he does that… but you could hear the first story about upcoming events such as the ‘Home Tour’, before something such as ‘half the city burned down’.



  9. FRAGaLOT says:

    Isn’t that Chris Pirillo at 1:23 minutes into the video?

  10. noname says:

    It’s all true. We are less informed but more entertained then our ancestors.

    It’s not going to change. The News every other show is self-examining and self-critiquing, but still unable to change.

    The closest thing we have to informative News is the Daily Show, fake News.

    We all doomed, doomed I tell you, dooooooomed.

    Where is my beer again?


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