Terre Haute News, Terre Haute, Indiana- TribStar.com – Suspended student’s parent calls upon ACLU — Maybe the school prefers suicide bombers and the way they make their point. And exactly what prompted the petition?

Roberts’ daughter, Tori, was suspended from Otter Creek on Friday, Roberts said, after she was found circulating a petition calling for the firing of an Otter Creek employee.

Roberts said his daughter was originally suspended for 10 days on Friday; however, school officials shortened the suspension to five days on Monday and wrote a new disciplinary notice, detailing other accusations against the sixth-grader, he said.

Principal Mark Kirby. Nice outfit, Dude!

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School Home Page

  1. Leo says:

    check out the school homepage.

  2. Misanthropic Scott says:

    The news reporting of the incident sucks too. Why was the student trying to have someone fired? What is the person’s position in the school?

    Perhaps if the reason was a violation of the employee’s rights, then I could see this as a valid reason for suspension. Based on my reading, I have no take on the issue. Nothing has convinced me that the petition was indeed legitimate. What if the reason for the desired firing was sexuality or religious beliefs. I think we need to know more before we can pass judgment either way.

  3. TJGeezer says:

    Principal Skinner there certainly looks like he’s on one of the classic upward career paths though:

    coach -> principal -> superintendant -> state legislature

    It’s only superficially similar to the more familiar:

    Law school -> prosecutor -> judge | congress

  4. Principal Mark dresses like a Janitor; not that there’s anything wrong with that, but perhaps it would be a better profession for him ?

  5. leif says:

    If schools can’t turn your children into jesus loving, obedient republican consumer robots they want them to take either prozac or a vacation.

  6. kevinbe says:

    Here’s a link to the Tribune Star’s forum where the locals are discussing this-


  7. George of the city says:

    This person does not sound like a good test case. I have to go with the principal on this. Is it me or does this group have a problem with all authorty. Sometimes it is a good thing. with children esp.

  8. Mr Fusion says:

    There are obvious issues with the employee. What, we don’t know. The First Amendment permits the citizenry to Petition their representatives. The school decided to prevent and punish her for partaking of her rights. The school is wrong and if she missed one day due to the suspension then she has an actionable case.

    The sad part is that the school will end up paying some lawyer to defend this and then pay for the student’s lawyer. By the time the dust settles the school board will end up paying out enough money to pay for a couple of teachers. And the student will still there. Why? So the Principal can show everyone HE is in charge.


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