After a long ball game this guy passed out in the parking lot, in the drivers seat, with the engine on, with his foot pressed firmly on the gas pedal. When a couple of strangers happen by, they find an engine that is very close to blowing up and one moronic drunk out cold.

  1. venom monger says:

    From the quality of the video, I’d say it was more likely that the two “strangers” were drunk.

    HILARIOUS! Heart attack? Epileptic seizure? Gunshot wound?

    Better just to laugh than actually investigate.

  2. They should have put it in gear.

  3. mark says:

    At least he wasnt trying to drive.

  4. huh? says:

    an imbecile, yes, but that guy is damn lucky.

    could have gotten a d.u.i., not to mention killed himself and/or others in an accident. hopefully the chap took it as a wake-up call, so to speak.

  5. GeekPirateRoberts says:

    As someone who has lost a brother to a drunk driver, I wish they had left the guy’s car running until the engine seized. When anyone can prepare to drive in a state that is blatantly threatening to others, he shouldn’t ever have access to a car again. Go ahead and say “but it’s his first time” or “he didn’t realize he was so drunk”… that doesn’t replace the dead or shattered lives left over. DUI is not a laughing matter.

    If I go to a public and just start shooting bullets everywhere — not “intending” to hit anyone — I’m being caulous with others’ lives, but no more than drunk drivers are. Thankfully, he didn’t kill anyone else, this time…

    #1 (venom monger): please don’t tell me you’re assuming this guy was NOT drunk, but only the filmers are. They may be drunk, too, but don’t absolve the main idiot of guilt. Yes, there may be a 1/100000 chance he had a heart-attack at his age. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that’s not the case.

  6. venom monger says:

    #1 (venom monger): please don’t tell me you’re assuming this guy was NOT drunk, but only the filmers are.

    I’m not assuming anything at all. But if I came across someone who was unconscious in a parking lot, I would NOT assume he was drunk… maybe he is, but there are a lot of other possibilities, and the correct response is to take measures to save the guy’s life, if necessary. Then you can shave his eyebrows off, or paint his testicles purple, or write on his face with a magic marker, or blow up his car, or whatever else strikes you as funny. IF it turns out he’s actually drunk.

  7. tcc3 says:

    Yeah thats a horrible assumption to make. A girl i knew years ago died of a stroke (or anurism dont remember which) at a tender age. She was a a football game and everone just assumed she was a “drunk college student.” Fewer assuptions and faster action might have saved her life.

    In your quest to nail the drunkards for their evils be carefull that your own assumptions dont hurt the innocent too.

  8. KVolk says:

    I ‘m sure the car reeked of alcohol when they opened the door.

  9. Matthew says:

    video sharing sites should include free video stabilization.

  10. Drifter Smith says:

    If this was a real incident, why don’t we get to see the license plate?

    I don’t have any sympathy for drunks driving, but also agree with the comments of those who observed that the guy may have had another medical problem.

    If someone appears to be unconscious or incoherent, a good first aider would try to determine what is wrong and administer the appropriate treatment.

    If this guy was as drunk as they make it appear, that would be a call to 911 for an ambulance AND a cop. Alcohol poisoning endangers both the drinker and (if he’s driving, for example) others as well….

  11. Miguel says:

    #5 – the engine should seize when the driver next tries to start it… Having overheated so much, and then being shut down, it should cool down very fast, which isn’t very healthy for an engine. I’m no mechanic, but I’d bet that engine is history.

  12. Froggmann says:

    #5, #11

    I’m pretty sure that motor is toast. If it has been running at max RPM for long enough to actually have oil burning off/out of it then it’s likely that as soon as he shut off that key it welded itself together. .

  13. tvindy says:

    Also, there’s no proof that he was actually planning to drive. He may have had the car running for the air conditioning. Perhaps he was waiting for a sober friend.

  14. Mike says:

    #13, where I live, that equals a DUI.

  15. MacBadit says:

    As for the engine being blown I wouldn’t put my money on it. It surely didn’t do it any good and will probably burn oil now and will die sooner than it should but…. I have purposely tried to blow up a BMW motorcycle (an insurance totaled bike) and air cooled one to boot. I dropped the oil and lock the throttle wide open and left it there for 30 minutes with no oil. It did not die thought it made some horrible noises as the rod bearings spun in the rods and the pipes were so yellow hot you could see engine pulses going through them. I ended up shutting it down and putting the oil back in and cranked it over to see if it would start. It started right away. Last I knew someone I knew bought it as salvage even though I warned him not to and he has put 18,000 miles plus on it.

    #14 I agree this is the same in my state in fact you don’t even have to start the car simply pull out the drivers keys and sit down in the drivers seat. Also if you are sitting in a running car without your seat belt whether you intend to driver or not is a ticket.

  16. Brian says:

    The motor’s done…the only motor I’ve ever seen able to redline like that without harm is a mazda rotary.

    And yes, most states would have slapped this guy with a DUI. The motor was running and he was behind the wheel.

    The guys should have left the car running, and really totalled that motor.

  17. Frank IBC says:

    I’m guessing that what happened was that he wanted to lie down for a bit, and needed to leave the engine to run the stereo and or the A/C.

    He put the seat back, got really comfortable, then when he was asleep his foot shifted and came in contact with the accelerator pedal.

  18. Paul S. says:

    Smooth Audi V6 lulled him to sleep! What an idiot.

  19. Greg Allen says:

    and… with my luck… that’s the car I’ll get at the used car lot.


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