“Will someone please think of the children?”

Associated Press – April 28, 2007:

A woman denied a teaching degree on the eve of graduation because of a MySpace photo has sued the university.

Millersville University instead granted Stacy Snyder a degree in English last year after learning of her Web-published picture, which bore the caption “Drunken Pirate.”

“I dreamed about being a teacher for a long time,” said Snyder, 27, who now works as a nanny.

The photo, taken at a 2005 Halloween party, shows Snyder wearing a pirate hat while drinking from a plastic “Mr. Goodbar” cup. It was posted on her own MySpace site.

Although Snyder apologized, she learned the day before graduation that she would not be awarded an education degree or teaching certificate.

Jane S. Bray, dean of the School of Education, accused Snyder of promoting underage drinking, the suit states.

Can somebody explain how a picture of a drunk 25 year old promotes underage drinking?! And while you’re at it, explain why the frick she apologized!

Update: T.C. Moore found the school’s response here.

Millersville University denies the claims alleged in the federal complaint filed by Ms. Stacy Snyder. Although the University respects Ms. Snyder’s opinion, these allegations only provide a single perspective of this academic situation.

  1. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    #29 – Interesting response… All decisions are made on a range of acedemic issues, or so it claims. I’ve read a dozen or so news accounts and the complaint posted to The Smoking Gun… Unless there is some big secret here, the university has no legs to stand on.

    #30 – Nobody can explain that to you because it simply isn’t a moral issue.

    It is hard to argue this is a privacy issue as MySpace is quite public and people using these sites are putting themselves out there for public viewing – and why not? The point is “social networking.” It’s hard to network in private.

    But we are seeing the tip of the iceberg with people being punished for having normal adult lives… I hate to say it in front of this crowd, but if businesses and institutions cannot be trusted to leave the lives of people to those people then perhaps there needs to be protection in the form of… OMG…. Legislation…

    Before the conservatives jump all over that, remember, it ain’t gonna happen in this climate.

  2. IllChillKyle says:

    Wow. There is no proof whatsoever that she is intoxicated in that picture nor that there was an alcoholic beverage in that cup. The fact that she was dressed up as a pirate certainly in some way justifies the caption drunken pirate. what do pirates do? they drink Rum!


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